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The Basic Compliance and Ethics Academy is a three-and-a-half-day intensive program focusing on subject areas at the heart of the compliance practice. Courses are designed for participants who have a basic knowledge of compliance concepts and some professional experience in a compliance function. The Academy covers specific subject matter in depth and is a great preparation course for the optional CCEP exam. (The course provides you with sufficient credits required to sit for the exam.)

Topics include:
• Standards, policies, and procedures
• Compliance and ethics program administration
• Communications, education, and training
• Monitoring, auditing, and internal reporting system
• Response and investigation, discipline and incentives
• Risk assessment

The Academy addresses methods for implementing and managing compliance programs based on the Seven Element Approach. Courses cover subject matter in each of these areas and better prepare interested parties for the CCEP exam. The Academy is designed for participants with a general knowledge of compliance concepts and anyone working in a compliance function.

Course materials are provided and include SCCE’s The Complete Compliance and Ethics Manual (normally $419) and SCCE’s training video for board members, Guidance for Engaging Your Board (normally $395).

An integral feature of the SCCE Academy is the ability to meet industry peers. During the course of the Academy, SCCE will provide a networking event that will give participants the opportunity to meet with each other in an informal environment.

Academies typically sell out several weeks, if not months, in advance. Consequently, we encourage prospective attendees to enroll as early as possible.

Upcoming Academies