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Conference Agenda | Overall Survey

Department of 1 with a Team of Many

Speaker: Frank Ruelas

  • Explore ways to promote relationships and effective communications with other departments
  • How to deal with knowledge or information gaps about compliance given one's limited knowledge base
  • Ways to ensure that the compliance function is not totally dependent on one person


Fostering a Speak-Up Culture at Your Organization

Speakers: Andrea Falcione, Jillian Atstupenas

  • Is your reporting system working? Learn how to collect the right data to prove it
  • See strategies for removing roadblocks to help employees feel comfortable raising concerns
  • Use effective, targeted, creative messaging to foster and improve speak-up culture


Building a Compliance Champions Network for Smaller Organizations

Speaker: Matt Silverman

  • Understand the psychology behind champions networks and how they can help to spread your message
  • Guidance on recruiting and training champions so that you can find the right people for the role
  • Best practices when launching your network and how to create metrics to demonstrate program success

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The Entrepreneurial Mindsets of Ethics & Compliance Leadership

Speakers: Jason B. Meyer, Rebecca Wellum

  • Understand why your audience demand a more entrepreneurial approach to ethics leadership
  • Discover how 8 mindsets--not technology, big budgets, or special skills--are the key to engagement
  • Become empowered to DIY and educate and communicate more effectively while spending less


Maximize the ROI of Your Policies Through Effective Policy Management

Speakers: Linda Toth, Tina Seidel

  • Drive desired business outcomes and company culture with policies that inform and engage employees
  • Keep policies relevant and up to date while minimizing overlap and providing useful repositories
  • Ensure policies support legal, regulatory, and business requirements and your operations


Branding Your Compliance Program to Deliver Impact and Results

Speaker: Fikir Wordofa, A. Michi McClure

  • Considerations on how to brand your Compliance program to fit the unique culture and needs of your organization
  • Driving engagement by implementing initiatives catered to your unique audience
  • Utilizing marketing concepts to increase visibility and drive meaningful change