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Conference Agenda | Overall Survey

Third Party Risks, Sanctions and Screening: What Could Go Wrong?!

Speakers: Aristoteles Zervopoulos, John Hughes

  • Third Party & Subcontracting Risks and Tools to Mitigate Them
  • Export Control and Sanctions Program Expectations for Companies of all Shapes and Sizes
  • Strategies when there are Criminal Allegations against a Third Party Business Associate


DOJ's Criminal Antitrust Enforcement: Incentivizing Compliance and Rewarding Self-Reporting

Speaker: Elizabeth French

  • DOJ’s Antitrust Criminal Enforcement Priorities 
  • Learn to identify antitrust risks and red flags of collusion. 
  • Understand how the Antitrust Division incentivizes strong compliance programs and self-reporting.


Post-government Employment Rules of the Road: Overview, Mitigation and Prevention

Speakers: Edward Arnold, Jessica Tillipman

  • Overview of legal and ethical framework, including summary of key “revolving door” laws and regulations
  • Contract formation issues arising out of post-government employment: Protests involving organizational conflicts of interest and unfair competitive advantage
  • Best practices in employment negotiations involving former government officials


Getting a Thumbs Up from the Agency CISO – A Case Study in Security Focus and Execution

Speakers: Dave Fairburn, Jennifer McCallister

  • Learn how to align activities for FedRAMP, CMMC, NIST 171, SOC, HIPAA, StateRAMP, TXRAMP, etc.
  • Understand how to navigate the administrative, regulatory, and political aspects of agency approval.
  • Assess the level of planning and oversight needed to achieve and maintain compliance.


Navigating Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCIs) in Federal Contracting

Speakers: Amanda Merced, Michael Hatch

  • Understanding the 3 types of OCIS: Biased Ground Rules, Unequal Access to Information, and Impaired Objectivity; Recognizing Reporting Triggers; Identifying Potential Violations of the Procurement Integrity Act
  • Understanding your options for negotiating Mitigation Plans with the Government
  • Understanding strategies to avoid OCIS before they happen, and learning how to argue for a design and development exception under FAR 9.505-2


AI Compliance in Government Contracting

Speakers: Carl Hahn, Kyle Snyder, Lyle Gravatt

  • Agency regulations
  • Federal and state trends
  • Opportunities & risk