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Compliance & Ethics Professional MagazineCompliance & Ethics Professional magazine is one of the most trusted sources for information on compliance and ethics in the corporate environment. Each month, we reach 6,600 compliance professionals around the world, and our readership continues to grow to include chief compliance officers, corporate CEOs, auditors, corporate councels and other legal executives, government agencies, entrepreneurs, and more! 

For more information, contact Margaret Martyr at or +1 952.567.6225 or +1 888.277.4977.

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Deadline: The first of the month, three months preceding the issue date


Corporate Compliance Weekly News (CCWN) Advertising

Corporate Compliance Weekly News

Every week, SCCE publishes Corporate Compliance Weekly News on its website and emails it to subscribers every Thursday. Subscriptions to this weekly news update are available to the public at no charge to subscribers. Corporate Compliance Weekly News is emailed to over 9,000 subscribers. 

Ad Specs - All ads must be submitted the Monday before the ad should appear in the enewsletter. They should be submitted in a 120w x 250h pixels, jpg, jpeg, png, or an image format.

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Deadline: One week prior to the following publication date (Thursday)