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Ads in SCCE Monthly and Weekly Publications

Compliance & Ethics Professionals Advertising

compliance and ethics professional magazine coversAdvertise your company in SCCE's members monthly magazine. Established in 2004, the magazine's circulation rate is 6,600 per month to compliance and ethics professionals internationally. SCCE and the magazine are growing, and advertising in the magazine is a great option for you to get your company name and product out to the people you want to see it. 

Ad Insertion Form

Sample Issue


Corporate Compliance Weekly News (CCWN) Advertising

Corporate Compliance Weekly News

Every week, SCCE publishes Corporate Compliance Weekly News on its website and emails it to subscribers every Thursday. Subscriptions to this weekly news update are available to the public at no charge to subscribers. Corporate Compliance Weekly News is emailed to over 9,000 subscribers. 

Ad Specs - All ads must be submitted the Monday before the ad should appear in the enewsletter. They should be submitted in a 120w x 250h pixels, jpg, jpeg, png, or an image format.