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Exclusive Discussion Group Sponsorships

SCCEnet logo

The joint social network for the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and Health Care Compliance Association (SCCEnet/HCCAnet) provides advertisers with access to more than 12,000 registered users. Sponsor a discussion group and you will have exclusive advertising rights in that space. Discussion group emails reach thousands of subscribers each week.

Target your ads to a specific discussion group--a tightly segmented audience with a specific interest--and experience high conversion rates. No other vendor ads will appear in the emails and the discussion group. Link your ads to your website.

To provide the greatest value at the best rates, we have arranged social network groups into tiers based on the volume of traffic. All prices listed are per group per month. Any group not listed in tiers 1-3 below can be sponsored for $500.


Tier 1
at least 1,000 group members
Tier 2
at least 800 group members
Tier 3
at least 400 group members
Tier 4
all other groups, including those not specifically listed
  • Multi-Industry Chief Compliance & Ethics Officers
  • Chief Compliance & Ethics Officers—Health Care
  • Auditing & Monitoring—Health Care
  • Multi-Industry Auditing & Monitoring
  • Communication, Training, and Curriculum Development
  • Privacy Officer's Roundtable
  • Health Care Billing & Reimbursement
  • GRC—Governance, Risk, Compliance
  • Multi-Industry Ethics
  • Research Compliance
  • Health Care System Forum
  • Hospitals
  • Ethics—Health Care
  • Nonprofit Compliance
  • Whistleblower Compliance
  • Government Compliance
  • Social Media Compliance
  • Legal Holds and Record Management
  • Educators Forum: Teaching Compliance & Ethics in the Classroom
  • CHC Candidate Group
  • Physicians Compliance Professionals Network
  • Quality of Care Forum
  • Multi-Industry Global Compliance & Ethics
  • CCEP Candidate Group
  • FCPA
  • Competition Law & Antitrust
  • Higher Education
  • Financial Compliance
  • Government Contractor, Vendor, and Supplier
  • Insurance
  • Managed Care & Medicare Part D Forum
  • HCCA Privacy Academy
  • Behavioral Health Care
  • Long Term Care Network
  • Global Health Care Compliance
  • CHPC Candidate Group


Ad requirements are gif or jpeg formatted image files 150px wide by 250px tall that will link to your website.

Spend some time exploring and participating in the discussions at our social network site: Pick out the groups that are right for you, then contact Lori Dahmes at or 952-567-6213 to discuss advertising and sponsorship opportunities.