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Logo & Banner Ads on Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics Website

Advertising on SCCE's Website

SCCE's website,, is visited by more than 35,000 visitors a month. Take advantage of this concentration of members of the compliance and ethics community by advertising on the site. Promote your products and services with banner ads and logo ads linked to your website.

Advertising Options

Option 1

BANNER AD 600 X 150 Pixels | Placed at the top of the web page of your choice


$2,175 per month ..... 1-3 months
$2,025 per month ..... 4-7 months
$1,950 per month ..... 8 or more months

Option 2

LOGO AD 200 X 200 Pixels | Appears on the right hand side of the web page


$723 per month ..... 1-3 months
$655 per month ..... 4-7 months
$625 per month ..... 8 or more months

Why should you advertise on SCCE's website

Top 5 Reasons to advertise on SCCE's website

1. You choose the page where you want your advertisement to appear
2. Take advantage of SCCE's over 30,000 views per month
3. Create animated ads if desired
4. Reach your target market fast; no geography or time restraints
5. Link all your ads to your website

Top Viewed Page

1. Job Board
2. Certification
3. Resources
4. Events
5. About SCCE 
6. News

Other Specifications

■ Both banner and logo ads are limited to the specified pixel dimensions and must be less than 100 KB.
■ Ads should be 72 dpi resolution in GIF or JPG format.
■ Animation is limited to 5 frames and 5 repeats.

PDF of Web Advertising Information


To purchase or if you have any questions on website advertising please email or call 952.405.7936