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CCB Certification Exam Application

Apply for exams with the online exam application.

Taking CCB exams at SCCE events

Taking a CCB exam at an SCCE event? Go to the SCCE event's web page and then go to the "Certification" tab. There, you will find the event exam application and the application deadline.

Click here to find an SCCE event.

If you are applying to sit for an exam within five days of the SCCE event, please contact CCB at 888.277.4977 or +1 952 933 4977

or email ccb @ compliance certification .org to apply.

Taking CCB exams at AMP testing centers

To apply to sit for a CCB certification exam offered at an AMP testing center, complete the appropriate exam application below.

For more information about CCB exams and AMP testing center locations, go to