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Regional Conferences

Who should attend? 

  • Compliance officers
  •  In‑house and outside general
  • Privacy and security officers 
  • Regulatory affairs
  • VPs and directors
  • Billing and coding
  • Government agency staff
SCCE brings compliance training and networking to your neighborhood, with regional compliance conferences. These one-day events, hosted across the United States, include general and specialty sessions. Regional conferences offer professionals convenient opportunities for compliance training, updates on the latest news in regulatory requirements and enforcement, strategies to develop effective compliance programs, and of course, networking. See the listing below for upcoming dates in locations ranging from New York to San Francisco and Alaska to Miami.


“SCCE conferences keep me up to date on what’s happening in compliance and ethics and provide a great opportunity to network with colleagues. I would strongly recommend them as a worthwhile investment in your professional future.”

- Lauren Bloom, President and CEO,
Elegant Solutions Consulting