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Academy Testimonials


"Title insurance (settlement) has seen a dramatic increase in regulation and we were focused on meeting each new change and regulation.  The Academy made me stop, step back and look at our entire program and approach compliance differently.  I have spent my time following the Academy re-evaluating our department and moving our focus toward the goal of encouraging ethical behavior as a way to achieve regulatory compliance."

Deborah P. Everett, JD, CCEP, Senior Vice President/Compliance Counsel, WFG National Title Insurance Company


"The instructors were the most enlightening group I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.  They not only taught everything you need to know about compliance, they also shared their individual experiences which truly made the training and overall conference engrossing.  It was very notable that each of the trainers made themselves available to speak with the attendees after each session."

– Teresa Whitt, Senior Compliance Associate & Investigator, Harris Corporation


"I was working in compliance for only 8 months at the time I attended the SCCE Basic Compliance & Ethics Academy.  The Academy gave me confidence in not only passing the CCEP exam but also in my fairly new career in compliance.  The knowledge and material I have learned from the Academy helps me perform my tasks on a day-to-day basis!"

George Richins, CCEP, International Compliance Analyst, Helmerich & Payne Inc.


"This year, rather than attending the usual gaming conferences or internal audit seminars, I decided to attend the SCCE Basic Compliance and Ethics Academy and I am glad I did.  Gaming is my industry and audit is the work I perform, but compliance is my main responsibility.  The Academy helped reinforce this philosophy by providing networking, helpful tools, useful resources, relevant information and knowledgeable presenters."

Brian Velasquez, CFE, Compliance Manager, Casino Arizona and Talking Stick Resort


"The Basic Compliance & Ethics Academy provided instant connectedness with a group of diverse, motivated professionals, demonstrating intense passion for corporate integrity! Dynamic sessions with challenging group presentations promoted individual program assessment and intentional strategic planning. I’m both fortunate and grateful for my agency’s investment in compliance development because I sincerely love the work I do, and thanks to the SCCE Academy, I can do it with excellence!"

Raquel Cox-Tennal, CCEP, HR Manager for Compliance & Privacy Practices, Mecklenburg County Government


"The Academy has exceeded my expectations in the following ways:  Both the speakers and the content they clearly delivered were very practical, relevant, and engaging so that I can apply a lot of learning points into my work right away.  The SCCE has a very organized staffing team who is the MASTER of hosting the events.  Everything was well planned, structured, and communication was effective before, during, and after the events.  The SCCE board members are also very active and friendly.  Academy helped me further clarify my role and directions.  In addition, I feel very empowered and supported after the Academy.  Last but not least, the Academy helped me pass the CCEP certification exam."

– Haoning Richter, Director, Process Controls Office of Global Real Estate and Facilities, Oracle


"I found the SCCE Basic Compliance and Ethics Academy very informative, as an individual who was entirely new to the Compliance and Ethics world, the academy pulled my thinking out of the box and helped me realize that there is so much more to Compliance and Ethics than just good behavior."

– Frances Castro Silva, MsEd, CCEP, Asst Manager Compliance Programs, Tyson Foods, Inc.


"The SCCE Basic Compliance and Ethics Academy is essential whether you are brand new to Ethics and Compliance or have been doing it for years.  The program thoroughly covers every aspect necessary for a robust E&C program, regardless of company size.  The classes covered in one week what I spent 5 years learning on my own.  It is well worth the time and effort, and you won’t be disappointed."

– Kevin Robertson, Ethics and Business Integrity Office, Booz Allen Hamilton


"I would highly recommend SCCE’s Basic Compliance & Ethics Academies.  I found the sessions to be appropriate and informative and the facilitators engaging and encouraging; no question was left unanswered.  The knowledge that I gained helped to boost my confidence as a new compliance and ethics professional and to successfully obtain my CCB certification."

Leslie K. Smith, CCEP, Compliance Analyst, Noble Energy, Inc.


"Attending the SCCE Basic Compliance and Ethics Academy gave me the confidence that we in our company have a best-practice compliance program in place as well as required knowledge to pass the CCEP exam. It also gave me the opportunity to meet and share experience with a number of people in different roles within the ethics and compliance professional area."

– Mikael Eliasson, Ethics & Compliance Program Coordinator, TeliaSonera


"SCCE was a great experience! It really ignited my love for Compliance! The speakers were very engaging! The materials presented was very good preparation for the CCEP exam! Overall, it was a very positive experience."

Simran Bhatia-Rutherford, Key Controls Manager, BT


"I primarily wanted to attend the SCCE Basic Compliance and Ethics Academy to prepare for the CCEP examination. What I learned during my time at the Academy went so far beyond exam preparation that I walked away with not only being prepared for the CCEP exam, but also with some excellent connections with industry colleagues, and even some real-world examples of how to make compliance work even better for my clients. "

– Brooke Hopkins, Director, AlixPartners


"Attending the SCCE Compliance and Ethics Academy was extremely insightful and enlightening; the information presented was practical and timely to what’s happening in our industry. It was extremely beneficial to hear from other industry compliance professionals and practitioners. I learned new perspectives and approaches that I was able to bring back and implement at the office. "

– Regina Fisher, Lead Analyst - Global Training, Health Care Compliance & Privacy, Johnson & Johnson


"I walked away from the Basic Compliance & Ethics Academy with a total appreciation of the concepts needed to be a Compliance professional.  The intense 4 day session provided real-time, applicable and first hand examples from a variety of top notch speakers. In addition, this is also an invaluable networking event with peers from different industries, which allows you insight into other best practices. I highly recommend this session for anyone wanting to gain an overview of Compliance principles."

– Kara Novelli, Integrate Risk Program Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.

"The Academy provided concise information regarding the requirements for developing and maintaining a compliance program but, I expected that. The surprising and unexpected benefit of the academy was actually being welcomed into a community who practice compliance and believe it is a profession. Being able to stay in touch with your academy colleagues to collaborate and leverage all their experience is invaluable. "

Pat Ludewig, Retired Caterpillar Inc. Ethics & Compliance Strategy Manager


"My professional background has focused on the niche area of providing third party due diligence to multinational companies for anti-corruption purposes. I enrolled in the SCCE’s Basic Compliance & Ethics Academy in New York in order to help gain a greater appreciation of the entire breadth of the compliance function. Throughout the course, superb speakers provided an excellent overview of the key elements of a compliance program and I met some amazing compliance professionals. I would highly recommend attending an Academy and attaining the CCEP designation. "

– Allan Matheson, CCEP, Managing Director, Blue Umbrella


"The Ethics and Compliance Academy was recommended to me when I was appointed CCO.  At the end of the week I had a very good understanding of the strengths of my existing program as well as the areas I needed to address. The networking opportunities were fantastic and the instructors were available for follow up well after the academy ended. "

Bill Parkin, Senior Director - Ethics & Compliance, Corporate Security & Business Continuity at Avaya


"I have attended two Basic Compliance and Ethics Academies over the past four years, and each of them has provided unique learning and networking opportunities. Attending the academies has served as a refresher course on Compliance and Ethics basics, while providing the opportunity to share “real world experiences”. The academies have proven to be one of the best investments I have made in my professional career. Thank you SCCE! "

– Scheretta Jackson, CCEP, CEO, 7th Element Consulting


“I am in healthcare compliance and hold a CHC certification. I went to the Academy in order to gain knowledge in business compliance. The Academy is outstanding and the instructors are very well versed in compliance and ethics.”

- Debbie Mack, RPh, CCEP, CHC, Senior Director, Corporate Compliance, Pharmacy Practice Compliance, Walmart


“I left the Academy with confidence, conviction, and clarity about what needed to be done to make our program more robust.”

- Michael Miller, CCEP, Executive Director for Ethics and Compliance, Aerojet


“Attending the SCCE Basic Compliance and Ethics Academy entirely replaced uncertainty about my new role with confidence and excitement to make a difference in my organization.”

- Greg Dugas, CRISTA Ministries, Contracts Manager & Corporate Compliance Officer


“I attended the SCCE Compliance and Ethics Academy because a co-worker had attended in a prior year and she was impressed by the course and the value of the Certification. I enjoyed the course, reference material, and instructors but felt the most benefit was achieved by being able to connect with representatives from so many different organizations. Working through scenarios provided an opportunity to not only discuss what other companies were already doing but provided exposure to the 'ethical thinking' to which I think we all strive to achieve.”

- Pamela J. Friedman, Ethics & Compliance Program Manager, UL LLC


“Attending the SCCE Basic Compliance and Ethics Academy was a great experience. It prepared me for the CCEP exam and gave me the opportunity to network with other compliance professionals that I’m still keeping in touch with.”

- Donna Melton, CCEP, Compliance Manager, NA Pharma Supply Chain Logistics


“I had heard rave reviews about the SCCE Academy from my colleagues and even with my already high expectations I was impressed with the experience. Everything was organized and timely and featured exceptional instructors who draw on their real-world experience and facilitate an environment of sharing. I would highly recommend this conference to all ethics and compliance professionals.”

- Marisa Montoya, Sr. Quality Assurance Manager, Apollo Group, Inc. | Apollo Ethics & Compliance Department


“Other Ethics Managers told me the SCCE Academy was industry best. SCCE certainly lived up to its reputation of first-class training. The Academy was phenomenal!”

- Sherida Feazell, Manager, Ethics and Compliance, Night Vision and Tactical Communications Systems


“The SCCE Basic Compliance and Ethics Academy had great instructors with practical working experience, willing to share their insights and advice.”

- Sharon J. Lezama, Compliance Analyst Lead, Global Compliance–Experian


“The SCCE Compliance and Ethics Academy is excellent preparation for the CCEP examination, but it is so much more than that. The Academy is packed full of useful information from practitioners who have ‘been there, done that.’ It was well worth the time and budget invested!”

- Ann Hastings Kafer, CCEP, Director, HR Administration and Compliance, GROWMARK, Inc.


“After considering several other designations (ACP/CCP, AIRC, GRC Professional), I chose the Corporate Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP) designation because it is widely recognized and sought after by organizations seeking to hire compliance professionals. Obtaining the CCEP designation adds credibility to my experience and reputation.”

- Gary Pate, VP, Ethics & Compliance, CUNA Mutual Group


“The Academy environment is ideal for sharing experience and points of view with colleagues of different professions and countries under the guidance of instructors that acquired their expertise in first-class companies.”

- H. J. Peredo, Head Legal Affairs–Compliance Officer, Argentina–Uruguay–Chile–Peru, Clariant (Argentina) S.A.

“My primary purpose in attending the Academy was to assess its value for my team of compliance professionals. It was quite interesting for me to sit through something like this, since I typically only attend conferences and engage in training that are generally very focused toward the life insurance industry. I was very pleasantly surprised that SCCE was able to capture the essence of all that 'compliance' really entails in such a broad way that made it quite useful for any company in any industry. I found the information very relevant and timely for us. Therefore, it is my intention to pursue these credentials for myself and my team members going forward. It would certainly make a favorable impression upon me during the hiring process to see a candidate with these credentials.”

- Diane Boyette, VP, Chief Compliance Officer, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company


"I am a very new compliance professional. I was appointed the compliance officer for my home health care company in August 2012. I came to the position with some audit experience and many years as a registered nurse in the home care industry, but with no real experience or training in the compliance field. I attended the Academy with hopes I could get some tools on how to develop a compliance program and a basic understanding of the role and duties of a compliance officer. I was not disappointed! The speakers were extremely knowledgeable. They were funny and made the material interesting. The class size was great. The interaction between students and speakers was helpful and sometimes very entertaining! The content of what was covered was very beneficial. It answered all my questions and even addressed many things I had not thought of or even knew to think about! The compliance manual provided as part of the Academy is my constant companion! Overall it was a great experience for me and I find myself recalling something I learned almost every day in my duties.”

- Dorothy Smith, RN, Compliance Officer, Director of Education, CareAll Home Care Services


 “I was new to the Ethics and Compliance field and immediately interested in its goals and initiatives. The SCCE Academy was the perfect experience to gain the knowledge necessary to succeed. It was a great introduction to the field and provided me with the tools to pass the CCEP exam, as well as the education to return to work as a more contributory part of the team.”

- Carla Williams, Ethics & Compliance Analyst, Aerojet–General Corporation


“The SCCE Academy was a great forum to learn from outstanding instructors and peers. The dynamic structure of the course greatly broadened my capabilities, both from what the instructors presented and what their dynamic methods helped me learn from peers.”

Charley Todd, Associate Agency Director, Compliance Officer, CCEP, Administration | Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service


“The SCCE Academy is by far the best way to prepare for and ensure success on your CCEP Exam. The instructors were gracious with their time during the Academy and have become terrific members of my network after the Academy. The SCCE Academy provides a terrific opportunity to network with peers and share best practices that you can’t get from a study guide. As a service provider to compliance professionals, I feel it is vital to understand the challenges they face. Attending the Academy and receiving the CCEP certification helps me accomplish this goal.”

- Jason Porter, Vice President, Complí


“Each day of the SCCE academy offered practical suggestions for ethics professionals of all levels. For those just starting out, there is practical guidance to build a strong foundation. For those who have been in the field longer, there are helpful suggestions for continuous improvement. The classes had the right mix of practical and theoretical, and the instructors were engaging and well qualified.” 

- Erin Raccah, JD, CCEP, Chief Counsel – International Compliance, International Paper Company, Memphis, TN