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Why Join SCCE

You may already have a strong compliance program in place, but changing times demand more. Changes in regulations demand regular attention and action on your part. Membership to SCCE is your opportunity to take part in and gain from activities on the compliance horizon. You will have access to timely and accurate information that SCCE offers its members. You will benefit from networking and exchange among other compliance professionals. Let your SCCE membership move you and your organization to a higher level of quality in compliance.

By becoming a member of SCCE, you are joining a culture that says, “Let’s do it right!” Help your staff do more than the minimum and expand your professional resource network. A thoroughly pro-compliance mindset is a must for all of us involved with compliance! Let SCCE membership move you and your organization closer to a total compliance spirit.

Member Benefits

Compliance and Ethics Professional

Each month you will receive the magazine, available both in print and as an app. In each issue you’ll find invaluable information for compliance professionals. Plus, you’ll enjoy full access to the magazine’s archives. Your name and employer’s name will also be published on the "New Members" page in the magazine to showcase your commitment to the profession.

Corporate Compliance Weekly News

You will automatically be subscribed to a weekly e-newsletter providing the latest news in corporate compliance and ethics.

SCCE's Interactive Salary Survey

Enjoy an interactive, searchable version of the salary survey.

SCCE Conferences

Discounts on all web conferences, regional, academy, and national conferences.

SCCE Products

Discount on all SCCE products and training videos.


You’ll automatically become a member of the official Social Network of SCCE. Get your questions answered and share your insight with over 10,000 compliance and ethics professionals.