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Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week

Celebrating Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week?

Get your company the recognition it deserves for participating in Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. Submit the form below and we will add you to the list of companies that are celebrating this year. It's a great way to earn credit for your organizations efforts and to show employees around the world that this is such a large and important program. 

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Participating Companies

Yamhill Community Care Organization - Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week will be five fun-filled days of compliance activities, learning opportunities, swag and prizes for participation. This will be the second year participating and the quality/compliance department has already started planning. 

Trenes Argentinos Infraestructura - We will prepare a week of awareness about the importance of the Compliance Program of the SOEs and in the Third-Parties. We will conduct surveys to know the degree of knowledge of the program. Games with ethical dilemmas. Survey to detect improvements in the Compliance Program. 

QueensCare/QueensCare Health Centers - Give out compliance week products! Learning opportunities.

1901 Group, LLC - This will be 1901 Group's first year participating and we're excited to grow awareness of the importance of compliance and ethics. Because E&C is so important, we want to make our awareness campaign fun and engaging. Games, prizes, surveys, email blasts, food, and a video message from our CEO are all on the agenda.

Aaron's - We play games, have contests and award our team members with the most knowledge and understanding of our Compliance Program & Code of Conduct! 

Cognizant Technology Solutions - This year, we plan to deploy an interactive online game emphasizing our Code of Ethics, which will present scenarios for associates to select the best response and score points! We will also have daily trivia questions and a poll on our E&C intranet site in addition to situational case studies, videos and infographics. To end the week, we plan to share a message from our Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, globally. 

Kimball International - Increased compliance and ethics communications through training and our internal employee communication platforms. We will kick off our fiscal year with the award of the first Compliance champion award.

Messer Financial Group - We will be celebrating our first Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week this year. Product giveaways, trivia questions, newsletter highlights and special educational events planned to bring out the compliance champions in our organization. Compliance refresher courses will be offered throughout the week, along with a chance to demonstrate your Ethics Education in a small competitive quiz.

Physician Partners of America - We provide new training and information about compliance and ethics! We raise awareness and make compliance exciting for the employees.

Builders FirstSource - We address is our quarterly newsletters, send out flyers, do giveaways. This year we intend to do it "bigger and better" with a Compliance and Ethics Week fair. 

FirstCare Health Plans - This year, FirstCare’s Corporate Compliance Team has created an exciting and educational week to promote the 2017 theme, “Make Good Choices”. Activities planned include promotional giveaways, breakfast every day, educational handouts (HIPAA Privacy & Security, FWA Prevention & Detection, and the Code of Conduct) prizes for participation, interactive educational games, and more! Our goal is to create a series of enjoyable ways to learn more about the “Do’s and Don’ts” of Corporate Compliance, which ultimately leads to making good choices! 

Health Claims Plus - Although we are very small office, we will participate a second year in recognizing Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. During the week, we will post messages raising awareness and overall responsibility. 

Symantec - This year eight Symantec offices around the world will host live booths where employees can interact with a few of our Ethical Champions and learn about important compliance topics. We will be posting daily challenges on our company intranet homepage to maximize engagement - giving each employee the chance to win some fun Ethics & Compliance swag. Looking forward to Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week! 

InformedDNA  - InformedDNA is excited to celebrate compliance & ethics week and shine a spotlight on the important work the compliance office does everyday. We send out daily emails with inspirational quotes and a compliance tip of the day. We also decorate with balloons, bring in donuts and have a fun compliance activity contest. 

Sandoz İlaç Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. - We will blog on our Company-internal Yammer blog about the C&E week, remind of the Code of Conduct, Values & Behaviors and celebrate a special Integrity & Compliance Day on Friday where we will discuss what Integrity means to associates in their daily work context. 

Holland America GroupWe are excited to celebrate Corporate Ethics & Compliance Week across all of our offices around the globe once again. This is the fourth year we will be celebrating Corporate Ethics & Compliance Week and we continue to expand our program and raise awareness. Throughout the week, we post articles on our intranets, we encourage employees to partake in a knowledge quiz, we host events where we serve cake and refreshments and we pass out small freebies. 

Seton Hall Law School - Seton Hall Law is excited to celebrate Corporate Compliance & Ethics week this year with fun games and prizes at our Pharmaceutical Compliance Forum booth in Washington D.C., November 6-8, 2017! Please stop by to say hello and participate in the celebration of all those compliance professionals who work in our exciting industry. 

ProPeer Resources, LLC - ProPeer Resources, LLC specializes in providing comprehensive Independent Review Organization (IRO) services to the healthcare industry. We are excited to participate in national Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. Our activities will include daily Compliance & Ethics blogs for staff to review prior to attending a live training. The blogs reinforce ProPeer’s policies and provides examples of recent enforcement actions against other entities who have suffered the repercussions of non-compliance. Activities will also include a scheduled compliance refresher training, pop-quiz and attestation. ProPeer staff are trained on their responsibility to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all information they have access to or come in contact with, prior to receiving access. Confidentiality agreements, conflict of interest statements and policy acknowledgements describe the acceptable use of issued computer equipment and internet access. ProPeer is thrilled to participate and take advantage of this great opportunity to show our commitment to compliance continuity! 

Nexus Enterprises, LLC - Nexus Enterprises, LLC specializes in providing Utilization Management review services to the Workers Compensation and healthcare industry. We are delighted to once again participate in national Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. During the week of November 6th, Nexus’ Compliance Department will be posting daily Compliance & Ethics blogs to the company intranet site. Each blog will contain reinforcements of Nexus’ policies and will provide examples of recent enforcement actions against other companies who have suffered the repercussions of non-compliance. In addition to the daily blogs, each team member will attend a scheduled compliance refresher training and sign an acknowledgement form. Team members will have opportunities to win prizes for answering Quiz questions that relate to the daily Compliance & Ethics blogs. Prior to starting any role with Nexus, team members are trained on their responsibility to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all information they have access to or come in contact with. Team members sign confidentiality and conflict of interest statements and acknowledge policies that describe the acceptable use of issued computer equipment and internet access. Nexus is excited to spend next week reinforcing our commitment to compliance continuity! 

Skillcast - We'll be giving out free corporate compliance resources. 

ConServe - Our Compliance team has created an interactive program to shine a spotlight on this important component of our business. Our week-long Compliance and Ethics Week celebration includes optional activities and prizes. Together, as a team, we will reinforce our commitment to uphold the ideals and goals of compliance and ethics as we participate in the various activities throughout the week. The exercises will be aimed at raising awareness, increasing recognition and practicing reinforcement of our culture of compliance. 

Denbury Resources Inc. - Employees that complete a 10 question survey related to our Code of Conduct and Core Values will receive a bag of custom M&M's with our core value branding. 

Morehouse College - This year Morehouse College will celebrate corporate compliance and ethics through out the month of November. Our kick-off will begin will begin with an expanded announcement of our new ethics hotline and online reporting system. Thereafter, employees will be engaged in various compliance awareness activities including live and online games to win gifts and prizes 

ARM PENSION MANAGERS (PFA) LIMITED - We are kick-starting our Compliance and Ethics week with a newsletter on compliance facts, Fastest Fingers First quiz competition, role-play competition on Discrimination at the workplace. the following day will feature a live Compliance TV program to be streamed live to all staff members across the country which will include activities like debate sessions, compliance contests, interview with the Chief Compliance officer etc. We will also be having training sessions on Fraud in the workplace and the week will end with a program where all winners during the week will be announced and refreshments will be made available. 

DataFile Technologies - We are excited to celebrate our second year of participation in Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week! At DataFile Technologies, we recognize that our greatest compliance asset is our people. To kick off the week, we will host a “Lunch and Learn” where food will be provided and employees can ask their questions to our Compliance Team. Employees who submit questions before the event are entered to win a raffle prize. Throughout the week, articles will be posted on intranet with a question that introduces the following day’s topic. Those who submit an answer the question will be entered in to win a raffle prize. Overall, we want the week to be welcome a positive culture of compliance, and to celebrate our employee’s doing their best work to maintain a compliant culture each and every day. DataFile's Compliance Team is excited for this opportunity to share knowledge and connect with our healthcare data experts! 

Safe Harbor Compliance & Clinical Services, LLC - A message from a member of our Compliance Committee to kick things off. Fun and games throughout the week, intertwined with a daily message. 

Asembia, LLCAsembia is proud to join SCCE to celebrate Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week 2017. Our corporate compliance team will send daily emails highlighting compliance and ethics topics to increase employee awareness. Employees will also participate in the 2017 Corporate Compliance Program trivia challenge for a chance to win awesome prizes! 

Metglas, Inc.This year's celebration will have a Compliance Carnival theme. We will be hosting compliance games including a "Guess the number contest". Carnival-themed decorations will be used in the Employee Break Room, and popcorn will be provided for all to enjoy. Daily e-mails with compliance information and reminders will be sent. The week will begin with a letter from the Metglas President stressing the importance of compliance to all employees. 

Millennium Trust Company, LLC - We plan daily themes, games and awards to employees and provide opportunities to hear their voices on how Compliance and Ethics is important to them in their day to day tasks. We also ask how they will make it part of their goal for 2018. 

Velia Consulting - We are offering free training seminars on ethics and compliance to startups and small business. Starting them off strong!!! 

ONE Gas, IncWe are holding a compliance and ethics essay contest, quiz contest, golden tickets, and a compliance carnival! 

Commonwealth Trust Company - We will hold mandatory Anti-Money Laundering training for all employees during Compliance and Ethics Week, as well as send out a series of Compliance & Ethics Awareness emails highlighting compliance-related stories, facts and figures. We will also give out compliance-related promotional products. 

Spectrum Healthcare Partners - We are celebrating our 3rd straight CC&E Week. We are doing company-wide games, such as...fill in the blank games, quizzes, trainings, word finds, etc.

Texas Woman's University - Swag, contests, prizes, quizzes, info tables, etc. 

Seattle City Light - Regulatory Compliance - Seattle City Light is planning a week of informational awareness messages that aim to address a range of regulatory compliance topics. Central to our plan is the goal of increasing employee awareness of the regulatory compliance department as well as creating a platform to inform employees of broader regulatory issue that may impact work and life at Seattle City Light. 

Outreach Health Care, Inc. - We will be conducting daily Employee Website Compliance Pop Quiz contests as well as handing out SCCE products as reminders. 

Medicomp Inc - We will have email blasts all week long that will include a different activity pertaining to compliance (word find, cross word puzzle, etc). At the end of the week we will have a company wide lunch with compliance trivia and a chance to win prizes. 

Integrated Health Partners - We have a week long calendar of events to include giveaways, friendly competitions, surveys, compliance word finds/quizzes, and this year we are going to try a Compliance/Ethics Escape Room! We enhance the awareness through the Compliance Week posters and then we frame them and use them as new wall art throughout the year. Daily emails with trivia will also be used as a way to encourage continuous participation with drawings for correct answers. 

Danaher Corporation - Our plan is to drive awareness of compliance through a robust communication plan across all of our global operating companies. We will share situational case studies, videos and new posters highlighting compliance risks to avoid. 

Nokia - Nokia is holding “Integrity Week” across its entire global organization from November 6-10, 2017. The slogan for the event this year is “Wisdom is knowing the right path to take. Integrity is taking it.” Integrity Week at Nokia encompasses a range of events, including leader-led discussions focused on ethics and compliance, broadcast interviews with the company’s CEO and other senior executives, on-line quizzes covering compliance topics, and on-site activities that include real-life compliance dilemmas faced by our employees. Integrity Week will help to reinforce Nokia’s commitment to integrity and remind employees that integrity is not only a core value, but can also serve as a competitive advantage. Specific topics to be covered during the week include third-party risks, the importance of having an open reporting environment and “speak up” culture. 

Progress Industries - Employee education about compliance and ethics in the workplace. 

Partners In Progress - Special training, recognition of staff achievements

Cerner Corporation - We provide daily reminders on specific Compliance and Ethics topics and each reminder email includes a quiz on that topic. We also hand out products with the Corporate Compliance and Ethics logo to serve as a reminder for our team members throughout the year! 

Lennox International Inc. - We will host our second annual Global Ethics Day during the Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week! All of our facilities around the world celebrate with educational speakers, entertainment, food and beverages, contests, giveaways, and more! We leverage the support of our business leaders and Human Resources partners globally to help promote our core values of Integrity, Respect, and Excellence as well as discuss what Ethics means to us. This year we are also using the theme of "Making Good Choices". 

Sitnasuak Native Corporation

CBRE - a) We would have compliance sessions over breakfast/coffee and quiz competitions to spread awareness. b) We would distribute Compliance products as well. c) We would run videos of leaders with messaging on Compliance d) Each day of the week would be dedicated to some specific compliance area. The high risk areas would be picked from our Annual Risk assessment 

State Compensation Insurance Fund - Last year our Compliance and Ethics Week team produced a game show video with members of our executive team. Our full length "Know the Code" game show was thirty minutes long and featured members of our executive team competing against each in a game loosely related to the show Jeopardy. Our team then showed that video during their Roadshow at four difference locations and an abbreviated version was shown on our organization's intranet site. Our Roadshow also consisted of interactive scenarios that reinforce our privacy policies. 

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - For one week of every year, Corporate Compliance and Ethics at our company is celebrated with all of the SCCE community nationwide. Our compliance team builds upon the theme provided by SCCE every year and creates a webpage and other campaigning materials in order to show our commitment to Ethics & Compliance and highlighting the importance by making learning fun and interactive. Our company usually creates scenarios and fun videos that involve upper management and other employees to be our actors. Our internal media team really helps our compliance department bring a lot of ideas to life. This year our focus is on "effective lines of communication" we will be focusing & campaigning our anonymous helpline, open door policy and other communication policies. 

Samriddhilaw P. Ltd, Kathmandu Nepal

Goodwin Community Health - We send out email quotes each day, along with fun activities such as scavenger hunts, word searches, these along with a BBQ hosted by the compliance committee. 

Skyline - I want to spread the word amongst the distributed team around the globe. 

Shionogi Inc. - We are very excited to celebrate our first Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. Each day our Compliance department will send an email message from one of our senior leaders on what compliance means to them, and to their respective areas of the organization. The email also includes a list of the day’s activities and games. A kick-off breakfast and snacks will be provided. Our games are designed to have our employees review existing Policies and Procedures on our intranet to answer specific questions. Nominal prizes are to be awarded for accuracy and time. We also will have an interactive game for employees to play and compete against each other. Topics for the games include, Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest, Anti-Bribery and Data Privacy. We also will include our sales force and other company locations in all activities to make it a true company-wide experience. Our theme this year is, “Compliance – Shining a Light on Integrity.” 

University of Miami - University Compliance Services hosted University of Miami’s first Compliance & Ethics Week celebration on November 7-11, 2016. Reinforcing a commitment to support a culture reflecting our D-I-R-E-C-C-T values, UCS staff invited all faculty, staff and students to various events on the Coral Gables, RSMAS and Medical campuses. Faculty, staff and students had an opportunity to engage and learn about the University of Miami’s various compliance, ethics, and risk management initiatives. The weeklong series of events on each UM campus featured a carnival-themed informational fairs where over 21 different UM departments, such as the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, Office of Research Administration, Athletic Compliance,It's On US, and Environmental Health and Safety, distributed information on and answered questions about their programs and responsibilities as they relate to compliance and ethics. In addition, Compliance and Ethics Week featured seminars on the Coral Gables and Miller School campuses for a deeper dive on various subjects like FLMA, FLSA, and Workers Comp. FREE Food, games, giveaways, and drawings were featured at the carnivals. As employees engaged with each area represented, they received a ticket that provided them access to the fun games and food. 

TIAA - We celebrate by creating an open and honest environment, avoiding retaliation, fraud awareness and the importance of reporting ethical concerns and possible misconduct right away. 

Wilmington Health - Each day this week the Compliance Officer will send out an email to the Organization addressing a different Compliance topic. The main topics covered will include; introducing our Compliance Team (Officer and Committee), HIPAA, Auditing, the False Claims Act and how to report suspectec violations via our Integrity Line. To encourage employee and provider engagement, the emails will feature daily trivia questions and games for a chance to enter a drawing for the daily giveaway. 

ABBOTT - LATIN AMERICA & CANADA REGION - Abbott - Latam and Canada Region, will use the worldwide Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week (Nov 6-10) as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the importance of compliance and ethics at Abbott, to build awareness in ways that reinforce not just specific rules and regulations, but an overall culture of compliance and to support the positive image of the Ethics and Compliance Department. We have created an internal logo for the campaign to highlight ethics & compliance as competitive advantage. Employees in the region will receive daily emails with memorable quotes, and a video with key messages. They will also have the opportunity to participate in a regional contest and resolve trivias. We will focus on 4 main topics for all the activities to be performed during the week: Compliance as a competitive advantage, Compliance ownership/partnership, Careful communication and Anticorruption. Other materials developed for this week are: stickers on entrance doors/elevators, floorgraphics, boards, placemates. Employees will receive special gifts for their participation. 

Receivables Management Partners - We are sending & posting Compliance & Ethical quotes and questions daily to all staff. 

Denbury Resources Inc. - We are communicating via posters,emails and table tents key information that we want to employees to know related to compliance and ethics, and each work day during Compliance & Ethics Week, we will send out an e-mail with a question. Employees that respond with the answer will have their name entered in the daily drawing. Each day there will be 6 winners (3 from corporate office and 3 from field offices). The prizes are $10 gift cards to various places such as Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, Chick-fil-A, Wal-Mart, Cinemark, etc., which are hopefully are an "incentive" to pay attention to the information but do not cross any line as to influence a negative behavior in order to gain such incentive. 

Meadville Medical Center - Educational table with candy and chance to win prizes! 

ON Semiconductor - Our employees will experience daily emails which include quotes, scenarios based on real situations from our company, motivational statements and reinstatement of our reporting procedures and resources. Slides for display on monitors in hallways are provided to each site. Our global intranet landing page includes messages for the week as well as our internal, direct ethics URL, which houses material like translated versions of our Code of Business Conduct and our hotline numbers. A compliance communication toolbox includes fresh materials for our compliance and ethics liaisons to utilize at site meetings and at their local lunch and learns. The global communications team assists with messaging on the site level which includes anonymous feedback surveys. This feedback is analyzed for content prepared in future local events. Sites are taking photos of their local events to be posted on the global intranet page and published in our monthly, 20-page, global employee newsletter. This addition will be included with our monthly highlights on the compliance program. For those viewing our company from an external perspective, our Code of Business Conduct is posted on our external page and periodic compliance messages are posted to our social media accounts. During compliance and ethics week, our Twitter account (@ONSemi) will highlight daily compliance messages. We are proud to be a World's Most Ethical Company and will continue promoting our program as part of the foundation of our company! 

Teradata Corporation - We will display Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week message-tent-brochures at our primary facilities during the week. We will distribute daily ethics and compliance reinforcement and awareness emails to all associates worldwide during the week and include the Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week logo in those emails. We also will post the content of those email messages on our internal social media site for our Ethics and Compliance Program and plan to post shorter versions on an external social media, such as LinkedIn. 

VMware - Daily posts on our internal social media site! 

HotChalk - We make it fun and interactive! Puzzles, games, creative assignments, and prizes all wrapped around compliance. We are actually called the CARE team, which stands for Compliance, Audit, Risk, and Ethics. One more thing, the CARE team has a mascot...Freddy the FERPA frog and Freddy makes it fun as he hops around bringing joy, education, training, coaching, and knowledge to all. 

RI International - This year for Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week by a variety of activities to get staff thinking about compliance and quality topics. We will be giving out corporate compliance products and have daily emails and announcements regarding compliance and quality topics. 

Moffitt Cancer Center - This year to Kick off Compliance and Ethics Week the Compliance Department will host open house and meet & greet that includes a scavenger hunt and light refreshments. During the remainder of the week team members will visit several locations throughout the organization to promote awareness and engage in fun games and other activities that include giveaways and awareness materials. At the end of the week we will send team members a Compliance Scramlet game to solve to go in the drawing of the grand prize! 

Generali Group - We’re pleased to announce Integrity Week - a global initiative across all of Generali Group from 7-11 November. Generali’s 3rd Integrity Week supports global initiatives in promoting high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values. The Global theme “Provide Protect Prevent” spreads the message about how Compliance provides the tools, policies and advice to protect our customers, colleagues and company. In this way, we prevent risks of regulatory sanction and damage to our reputation by upholding our integrity culture and maintaining an open, fair and stimulating work environment. Throughout our Integrity Week, each country of our Group will choose its own activities. But what they’ll all have in common is the chance for everyone to learn more about what Compliance does. Real Compliance Cases from across the Group will be published every day on our Global intranet. These true stories highlight how Compliance departments in different countries acted when our Code of Conduct was breached. It will also be the opportunity to disclose our new, mandatory, 5-minute, Code of Conduct Refresher Training course translated into 24 languages. Events during Integrity Week include: On-line and Totem/poster campaigns advertising Integrity Hubs where staff can learn about sustaining our culture of integrity; watch videos explaining points covered by our Code and the Refresher training course; and pick up an Our Code Notebook - so they always have our Code of Conduct to hand..... and many more local initiatives in all our operations around the world. The Group will boost the initiative through its corporate website and social media. 

DataFile Technologies - At DataFile Technologies, we recognize that our greatest compliance asset is our people. To celebrate our first participation in Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week, we are focusing on three different activities to educate and reward our team. First, in accordance with the theme "Provide" we are hosting a Lunch & Learn event to answer compliance questions our team has while providing them with food as a kickoff event and introduction to CCEW. Employees who submit questions before the event are entered to win a raffle prize. Second, following the theme "Protect", we will hide fictitious PHI in locations around our office each day of CCEW. The first team member to identify the inappropriate placement and bring the PHI to the Compliance Team will be rewarded with a prize. Third, aligned with the theme "Prevent", we will post a daily compliance question on our intranet. Employees may submit their answers for a chance to win a raffle prize. The following day, the correct answer will be posted along with an article about why the answer is correct. DataFile's Compliance Team is excited for this opportunity to share knowledge and connect with our healthcare data experts! 

Progress Industries - Daily reminders and tips for employees. 

Indivior Inc. - This is our first year celebrating the week. We will give out small gifts to our commercial employees and will have ethics quizzes and games during the week. 

HealthEquity - We enjoy celebrating this with some fun games around several of our policies. HealthEquity likes to remind.

Wesley Spectrum - We create remote participation opportunities for our primarily-mobile staff, such as "What's wrong with this picture?" compliance quizzes. We also use this as an opportunity to promote needed trainings and remind employees of our Compliance Plan and reporting structure. 

MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc - At MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc. we understand that to have a compliant and ethical culture, making the right decision is foundational. This week we have developed messaging to encourage our associates to make the right decision. We will kick off the week with a message from our President where he will provide an overview of the week's purpose and activities, as well as emphasizing our theme of "Make the Right Decision." Information will be distributed in a multi-media approach to ensure that the message is received by all our associate, whether they are in an office or production environment. We will be utilizing our internal website, email, video, images, posters, huddle cards, and fun activities to motivate our associates to commit to making the right decision! 

Hometown Health Centers - Schenectady & Amsterdam, New York - In November 2016, Hometown Health Centers will have a cross word puzzle with compliance terms. All entries will be entered in a raffle to win a gift card. On each day of National Ethics and Compliance week there will be an online competition - watch a short compliance related video and whoever correctly answers the question first will win a HIPAA Hippo stuffed animal with the company logo and a bar of chocolate. On Thursday of National Ethics and Compliance week there will be lunch for staff in the break room where they'll get a HIPAA Hippo pen and lens cleaner with compliance message. If the meal is a Chinese buffet - there will be fortune cookies with a compliance message in them. Also posters and small table top tents with compliance messages will be distributed throughout the building. In addition to HIPAA, this year's theme will include awareness on fraud, waste, and abuse as defined under the Medicare and Medicaid Programs. 

Daybreak Venture - We are looking for new ways to celebrate compliance week while educating our employees. 

SAI Global - We will celebrate Corporate Compliance & Ethics week with relevant new content, social media posts, industry resources, and other digital initiatives that can be shared and enjoyed by the compliance and ethics community. 

Trillium Health Resources - Trillium Health Resources is a publicly funded managed care organization that manages mental health, substance use and intellectual/developmental disabilities services in 24 counties in eastern North Carolina. This will be our inaugural celebration of Compliance and Ethics Week and will involve opportunities to increase staff engagement, understanding and day-to-day compliance-concept integration. Trillium’s celebration of Compliance Week will include tips, quotes, questions with prizes, random calls to employees to test their knowledge on Compliance, and daily activities. Some of the activities include a Compliance Video on what not to do, as well as what to do, photo hunts, and other various videos to make compliance fun! Because we have several satellite offices located throughout North Carolina, our launch of Compliance Week will be an amazing electronic promotion. The goal is to further educate and enrich the Trillium culture with compliance and ethics in an exciting, accessible way. 

OCH Regional Medical CenterThis will be our first year to celebrate Compliance Week. Our department is very excited. Our theme will be "Don't Duck Compliance". We have yellow highlighters and rubber ducks to hand out with this logo on it. We plan to do many fun games and activities to help educate and train staff. An ice cream social will be held on the last day of our compliance week. Looking forward to November 6-12!!! 

Progressive Leasing - Progressive Leasing, the industry leader in virtual lease-to-own, will be hosting our first annual Compliance and Ethics Week in 2016. With the full support of our Executives, employees will learn how our Compliance team serves to provide useful information and guidance; protect our various stakeholders; and prevent harm. We will host various information sessions and encourage participation across the enterprise through incentives and engagement. Prior to kicking off the week's activities, our Chief Executive and Chief Compliance Officers will introduce employees to our Compliance and Ethics Week and build the excitement. 

TOTE, Inc. - TOTE and its subsidiary companies will be celebrating Compliance month in the Month of November 2016. This will be our 3rd annual Compliance Month. We have weekly contests, games, and local activities. 

Wilmac Corporation - The annual training on Compliance and Ethics will be wrapping up just before Compliance Week, so it will be time to celebrate. Our Senior Management is making a video to spread the word about Ethics and Compliance. We will have a quiz that people can complete and then be entered into a drawing for prizes. Each of our facilities will conduct their own service project to highlight being good citizens in all aspects of our business and lives. We will also hang Compliance posters and give out Smile cookies with a Ethics message attached. 

Lennox International Inc - We are celebrating Ethics & Compliance globally by doing a video contest and giveaways! 

SBH Health System - We give out corporate compliance and ethics week products, mount displays in high traffic areas, call employees randomly with compliance questions and give prizes for correct answers. 

TrustFund Pensions PLC  -  Year 2016 Corporate Compliance and Ethics week will entail obtaining staff members view on some salient issues via short case studies that will be sent to staff members. Responses from staff members will be reviewed isolating correct and best suited responses. Also, topics on ''Providing enabling environment for compliance'', ''Protecting the compliance agenda'' as well as ''Preventing acts that are tantamount to violations'' considering the global Theme "PROVIDE,PROTECT & PREVENT. 

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.   -   Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. hosted its first annual Ethics Everywhere celebration last November in commemoration of national Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of compliance-related topics, recognize ethical behavior and reinforce Royal Caribbean's ethical culture. Our theme was Living Our Code. Anchored in Our Values., which tied into the launch of Royal Caribbean's new Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and promoted our four core values of honesty, fairness, integrity and trustworthiness. During Ethics Everywhere Week, the Global Compliance and Ethics Group organized various activities throughout our U.S. and international land-based locations and cruise ships, which included new ”Compliance Champion” awards, contests, a survey and the distribution of promotional materials to employees. In recognition of the importance of the event, Royal Caribbean's Chairman and CEO, recorded a video in which he personally invited employees to engage in the different activities and remain committed to upholding the company's ethical culture. To further promote the “tone from the top messaging”, Royal Caribbean's brand presidents and top leaders shared personal quotes on posters displayed throughout the company saying how they live our company's values. One of the key highlights of the week was our "Employees On Air" video montage, in which employees also shared their thoughts on the company's culture and how they live our values. Ethics Everywhere Week was a huge success, and we look forward to repeating this celebration annually. 

FamilyCare Health   -   Each year, members of the Compliance Team hand deliver treats to every employee to encourage participation during the week. Through the daily activities, we share our message of Compliance & Ethics in all we do, with small tokens for the top 5 winners. Over the years, we have held a variety of Grand Prize Competitions: Best Slogan/Mascot, Best Office Chair Décor and even a Build-a-Bear Competition with all the bears being donated to the local children's hospital. 

Client Network Services, Inc. (CNSI)   -   CNSI delivers a broad portfolio of information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing solutions to a diverse base of federal, state, and local government agencies. Our National Corporate and Compliance Awareness Week activities are centered around our company’s seven core values. Activities include a series of videos from our management team, a daily newsletter, which provides an inspirational quote, top-down messaging on the company’s Ethics and Corporate Compliance Program, policy reminders and tools, and a link to a daily quiz where employees can win prizes. We are also hosting recognition events for “Compliance Champions” – staff members who have contributed to our compliance efforts throughout the year. CNSI is proud to participate in National Corporate Compliance and Ethics Awareness Week and our efforts serve as an extension of our ongoing commitment to doing business with honesty and integrity every day. 

Emirates National Oil Company   -  Various awareness sessions on ENOC Code of Business Conduct policies Launch of Revised ENOC Code of Business Conduct Launch of Ethics E-Learning solutions.

Velia Consulting Limited  -  We are proud to be celebrating in GHANA!!! We will be hosting a small meet and greet to celebrate the week and create awareness amongst the SME community, with games, presentations and snacks! Our focus is on the meaning of corporate compliance and the advantages of running a compliant business in the Ghanaian market.  

ADP  -  Each day of this week on ADP's internal homepage, ADP's Global Compliance team posts an article linking to a short, entertaining video focused on a different topic relating to compliance and ethics. Our goal is to help reinforce ADP's Code of Business Conduct & Ethics and make associates aware of ADP's compliance programs and initiatives. To kick off the week and learn more, we invite each associate to watch a short introductory video delivered by ADP's VP Global Compliance and VP Corproate Ethics. The video topics are listed below. Code of Business Conduct & Ethics Giving and Receiving Gifts Privacy and Information Security ADP Confidential Information and Trade Secrets; Information Security Reporting Perceived Violations and Non-Retaliation. 

Parkside Psychiatric Hospital & Clinic   - We are sending out emails related to compliance and ethics topics. We have had daily activities with small prizes. We have a week-long activity with a bigger prize. Our activities are designed to reinforce our compliance training and also to increase awareness of the importance of compliance within our organization.  

Sequel Youth and Family Services  - We have fun educational activities designed for each day, Nov. 2-6, to celebrate Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week. Staff can access these activities via our staff portal. Prizes will be awarded to those who meet the prize criteria. 

Sigma Pensions Limited  - Our theme for this year is "My Attitude, My Strength; My Attitude my Weakness". For this year, we will have cash gifts for the first correct response to a number of Compliance and Ethical questions asked on each working day of the week. In addition, the Compliance team will circulate short write ups and quotes on the importance of attitude to our business. 

Generali Group  - We’re pleased to announce Integrity Week - a global initiative across all of Generali Group from 2-6 November. Integrity Week builds on the good work we’ve all done to put Business Ethics and Integrity at the top of Generali’s agenda. Its coordinated events will tell employees more about the tools we have to promote our culture of integrity. As we reach the busy end-of-year period, Integrity Week is a good time to check that all our employees have completed our Code of Conduct eLearning course and extra support to complete the course will be available from Compliance offices during the week. With the festive season approaching, Integrity Week is also a good time to remind ourselves of our Gifts & Entertainment Policy, and the tools available to help us manage gifts and entertainment appropriately. Events during Integrity Week include: On-line and Totem/poster campaigns advertising Integrity Hubs where staff can learn about sustaining our culture of integrity; watch videos explaining points covered by our Code; and pick up an Our Code Notebook - so they always have our Code of Conduct to hand. Ethics Ambassadors will be present to talk about our Code and answer any questions or concerns. 'Let’s Talk Ethics' Coffee Breaks will provide a chance to discuss our Business Integrity Program with a Compliance Officer. Flip charts inviting staff to complete the sentence " Compliance is...." will be deployed in reception areas..... and many more local initiatives in all our operations around the world. 

FirstCare Health Plans  

United Church Homes and Services  Posters will be placed in our communities. Employees will receive wrist bands with theme. Each community has selected two individuals that will be recognized for their work in compliance and ethics. They will each receive a card and $75 worth of gift certificates.  

Mary Washington Healthcare  This year Mary Washington Healthcare will celebrate Corporate Compliance and Ethics week by holding our first annual Compliance Cup. All Associates will be invited to complete an online quiz containing various compliance-related topics and scenarios; completed quizzes will be entered to win a prize and a Compliance Cup trophy. 

ON Semiconductor  This is the second year we are celebrating. We are a global company with over 24,000 employees, many who speak English as a second language. We will be leveraging our Compliance and Ethics Committee as well as our Compliance and Ethics Liaisons (CELs) to be an extension of our global messaging. Prior to the week, we will be discussing final plans with our CELs during this week's global conference and send a launch email from our Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer. During the global compliance week, we will be posting on our social media channels, through daily messaging which includes scenarios and motivational quotes. Material for site monitors will be distributed and made available. Many of our CELs will lead site-wide lunch and learns or informational sessions. Following the week, will be highlighting events in our global newsletter that is distributed to all employees and through our global quarterly meeting led by our CEO.    

The LOGS Group, LLC  - This is our department's first year celebrating Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. We are beginning by sending each of our locations nationwide a care package. The package contains a banner that reads "Compliance Begins with YOU!" and several inspirational compliance posters. We are also including a document that offers them ideas for celebrating locally. Each morning, we will send an email "Tip of the Day" and we will have several compliance focused games throughout the week with prizes. Finally, we are using this opportunity to launch our "Compliance Conversations" town hall style monthly conference calls wherein we will discuss one emerging compliance issue as a group.  

Trillium Community Health Plans  - This is the first time in about five years we have celebrated in our organization. We are starting our week with a breakfast meeting, showing a fun video outlining ways employees can report compliance issues. Throughout the week we will have quizzes about compliance issues and staff, as well as surveys and drawings. We are ending our week with a mocktail party, staffed by our Compliance department with compliance themed beverages and snacks. Each member of our staff will receive a Seven Pillars of Compliance certificate of participation and a beautiful calendar which has our reporting hotline number on the bottom of each page. 

Prairie State Generating Company, LLC  Daily messaging. In person meetings. Note from compliance officer. Pot Luck lunch. Announcing the creation of our compliance and compliance assurance charters.  

Ethical Systems  As an organization dedicated to raising awareness of ethical systems design and the many benefits of behavioral science research, we will continue to share recent research from the field and redouble our efforts to help make ethics easy for companies and organizations alike.     

Hancock, Daniel, Johnson & Nagle, P.C.   This year we are celebrating Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week with a one week, 5-episode podcast we will be posting on our social media sites. It is a spirited dramatization of a billing compliance matter in a typical healthcare organization– acted out by HDJN’s own lawyers and staff. Each day of the week along with the daily podcast episode we will be posting a daily tip regarding compliance. Our podcast as well as compliance tips will be available on our website as well as Facebook and Twitter. Prior to Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week we will be tweeting and posting to Facebook photos of our podcast characters including a few hints about what to expect.     

NetMD Business  Posters throughout the office will be displayed to show that we are participating in Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week. This is our first year celebrating! We will be integrating different training tools and games throughout the week. Each day, when you have completed the educational task, your name will be entered into a drawing to win different prizes.    

Target Corporation   - We will have internal social media posts, several guest speakers including a white collar criminal, rep from CEB to share online tools and resources, and our CRCO who will provide the 2016 vision for the compliance business area. In addition we will be hosting a happy hour and an open house for compliance teams to share their key projects and how employees can engage with these teams.   

Capital Power Corporation  - Posters and a company-wide communication will announce Capital Power's participation in Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week this year. The main thrust of the week will be the introduction of our new, company-wide Ethics Training module. In addition to this training, we will utilize social media and our company communication tools to raise awareness and disseminate ethics-themed tips and quotes. The week's activities will wrap up with a quiz related to the information that has been presented.  

Roseland Community Hospital  - We will recognize Corporate Compliance & Ethics celebration week with posters, games, information and certificates of awareness. 

The Lash Group - We have a different plan every year and we don't celebrate in November (we celebrate in September). This year, we are: sending out daily emails with simple compliance and privacy messages that we want the organization to remember, updating our compliance intranet site to include new tools and resources we've created to support the organization, and having compliance Meet N Greets during lunch with a compliance game we developed, handouts, prizes, etc. Last year we had great participation and are excited about our next C&E week... 

Florida International University - We will celebrate by hosting a day filled with trainings and activities geared towards awareness of our compliance program. 

Arizona Department of Administration - State Procurement OfficeThis year we will celebrate Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week (CCEW) with posters which will ramp up attention the week prior. The week of CCEW we will have daily games including word searches and quizzes. These events will culminate on Friday of the week with a Fall/Compliance/Ethics Themed potluck open to all employees in the organization.