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Presentations and handouts

2018 Compliance & Ethics Institute

October 21 - 24, 2018 | Caesars Palace | Las Vegas

Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday

CEU Application | Conference Brochure

Presentations & handouts are organized by session day/breakout session series.
Please choose the day of the session, then the series, 100s, 200s, etc,
then scroll down to the session you need.

All presentations and handouts are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated.
You can install Adobe Reader here

Did you miss a session?

Is there a session you really want to attend? Purchase session recordings here.

The Society of Compliance & Ethics will record more than 100 sessions at the CEI, complete with speaker handouts.
Here's your opportunity to catch up on all the sessions you wished you could attend, and take your time absorbing the valuable knowledge presented.