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Compliance & Ethics Professional needs authors like you

SCCE is seeking authors for upcoming issues of Compliance & Ethics Professional. We welcome all who wish to propose compliance-related topics and write articles.

Each month Compliance & Ethics Professional offers information to compliance professionals on:

  • Enforcement actions
  • New and changing regulations
  • Compliance program management

See the Compliance & Ethics Professional editorial calendar.

To do this we need your help!

Compliance & Ethics Professional articles may address general compliance concerns or may focus on a particular industry segment.

Compliance 101 articles, geared toward newer compliance officers and compliance staff, are always needed. 

For formatting guidelines and general submission information, please read our submission guidelines.

Compliance & Ethics Professional deadlines generally fall on the first day of every month. Please contact Margaret Martyr directly ( – 952-567-6225) to receive specific upcoming article submission dates

Submit your articles

All authors are welcome to submit articles! Email Compliance & Ethics Professional Editor Margaret Martyr at, or call her direct line at 952-405-7905 with your article topic and chosen deadline.

Compliance & Ethics Professional authors earn 2 CCB CEUs

For those who are Certified In Compliance and Ethics Professional® (CCEP®), please note that CCB awards 2 CEUs to authors of articles published in Compliance & Ethics Professional. 


Contact Margaret Martyr at, or call her direct line at 952-405-7905.