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Compliance & Ethics Professional needs authors like you

SCCE is seeking authors for upcoming issues of Compliance & Ethics Professional. We welcome all who wish to propose compliance-related topics and write articles.

Each month Compliance & Ethics Professional offers information to compliance professionals on:

  • Enforcement actions
  • New and changing regulations
  • Compliance program management

    To do this we need your help!

    Compliance & Ethics Professional articles may address general compliance concerns or may focus on a particular industry segment.
    Compliance 101 articles, geared toward newer compliance officers and compliance staff, are always needed. Please send your topic ideas for deadlines selected from the list below.

Article Format. Please see all article requirements here.

    Compliance & Ethics Professional deadlines generally fall on the first day of every month. Please contact Liz Ray directly ( – 952-405-7905) to receive specific upcoming article submission dates.

    Articles generally run between 500 and 3,000 words (this is not a limit, just a guide).
  • Compliance & Ethics Professional uses The Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Endnotes must be kept to 10 or fewer and should be placed at the end of the article.
  • The author’s address and contact information must be included with the article, as well as an article title of 10 words or less.
  • Submissions should be Microsoft Word documents with very limited formatting.
  • Any charts, graphs, and diagrams accompanying articles must be created in PowerPoint, Excel, or other editable vector art such as Adobe Illustrator. Scanned images are not acceptable (inserting an image into these programs does not constitute being created by them).

Submit Your Articles

All authors are welcome to submit articles! Email Compliance & Ethics Professional Editor Liz Ray at, or call her direct line at 952-405-7905 with your article topic and chosen deadline.

Compliance & Ethics Professional Authors earn 2 CCB CEUs

For those who are Certified In Compliance and Ethics Professional® (CCEP®), please note that CCB awards 2 CEUs to authors of articles published in Compliance & Ethics Professional.