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The Complete Compliance and Ethics Manual: Your go-to guide in print and online
12/11/2018 1:10:22 PM

Minneapolis, Minn. --- December 11, 2018 --- Reliable reference material is vital for any occupation – compliance and ethics is no exception. The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) just released a new edition of their reference manual. In addition to revised content, the manual is online- and mobile-ready, making it easier to access from anywhere.

“The 2019 upgrade to the manual is our best yet, particularly in terms of online functionality,” said YoGI Arumainayagam, Publisher at SCCE. “Given the depth and breadth of available resource material, purchasers will definitely get more bang for their buck.”

The Complete Compliance and Ethics Manual has been a trusted and comprehensive resource for compliance and ethics professionals since 2010. Written by experienced compliance and ethics professionals, it provides a wealth of invaluable content on all aspects of the compliance and ethics profession.

Upgrades to the 2019 edition include:

  • Online access through any web browser
    • Improved formatting for all screen sizes 
    • Enhanced topical and keyword searches
    • Easier Web access to footnote citations
  • New content related to: artificial intelligence, workplace harassment, branding and marketing your compliance program, anti-corruption laws in Latin America and the Caribbean, and DOJ guidance on program evaluation
  • Upgraded content in 24 areas, including: government contracting, export controls, GDPR, human trafficking, and changing cannabis regulations

Learn more about this new edition

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About SCCE

Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) is a non-profit, member-based association for compliance and ethics professionals. Since 2004, SCCE has been championing ethical practices and compliance standards to promote lasting success and integrity of organizations worldwide and across all industries. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, SCCE serves 7,400+ members in 95+ countries around the globe. 

SCCE offers 40+ educational conferences a year, weekly web conferences, publications, training resources, certification opportunities, and networking for career growth and program development. 

Visit the SCCE website at or call 888.277.4977.

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