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Using Data Analytics Tools in Your Compliance Program—Strategies for Getting Started

Kim Brown Vice President, P&C Corporate Compliance, Nationwide

• Introduction to the benefits of using data analytics in your Compliance program
• What is data analytics, tools to consider and how to get started
• Challenges along the way
• Real world applications of using data analytics to improve program effectiveness


Scaling the ROI on Talent, Diversity and Partnership

Dr. James L. Moore III Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer, The Ohio State University
Marsha Ershaghi-Hames Managing Director, Strategy & Development, LRN

• Leadership development and coaching as critical components for shaping corporate culture norms
• Why early stakeholder collaboration is critical for success
• Importance of corporate partnership in shaping the skills to drive greater diversity


Compliance ROI: Case Studies of Privacy Enabling Technology Innovation

Holly Drake Chief Privacy Officer The Ohio State University
Courtney Falato Smart Cities Relationship Director Corporate Engagement Office The Ohio State University

This interactive session will:
• Provide an overview of a privacy framework for a diverse, multi-faceted organization;
• Apply that framework to case studies in areas of organizational innovation and growth, including smart@ohiostate (a SmartCities initiative to use data from connected technologies for a myriad of transportation and other purposes); and
• Provide a model for compliance programs to demonstrate non-financial “return on investment” (ROI).


Interacting with the Enforcer

Jonathan D. Blanton Director of Major Litigation Office of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost

• Highlights the role of the Attorney General
• Provides an understanding of the process by which the Ohio Attorney General’s Office investigates, evaluates, and addresses potentially problematic conduct actions
• Focuses on the areas of antitrust, consumer protection, data compromise, and general litigation


Educating Your Board About Compliance

Kasey T. Ingram General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer ISK Americas Incorporated

• Explaining the Board’s responsibilities for ensuring compliance.
• Describing potential compliance risk areas to the Board.
• Presenting steps the Board may take to ensure management accountability for compliance


Grow up: Ways to Increase Your Investigation Program Maturity

Jessica Tobias Ethics Director and Compliance Investigator, The Ohio State University

• Create an organization-wide investigation protocol with metrics in mind
• Leverage concern reporting to drive culture
• Effectively communicate outcomes