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Ethics and AI

Chris Benson Principal Artificial Intelligence Strategist Lockheed Martin

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Theory vs Reality in your Policies and Procedures - the Dangers of Aspirational Compliance

Janet Himmelreich Managing Director, 3Comply

• Join the discussion to explore “aspirational” compliance and determine if you are a practitioner and to what degree.
• Using case study examples, determine the dangers that lurk among policies and procedures.
• Develop your action plan to uncover the drivers of aspirational compliance in your organization and steps to limit the dangers.


Advancing Compliance Using Analytics in the Audit Function

Venyssa Brown Sr. Manager, Data Analytics and Information Technology, Corporate Internal Audit, Ethics and Enterprise Assurance, Lockheed Martin

• How to develop an effective analytic and data strategy
• How to build and optimize an analytic organization to support a compliance function
• Present real case studies to illustrate how analytics can impact compliance monitoring


Supporting Ethical Decisions for Yourself and Your Staff

Daniel M. Isaacs Assistant Professor, Academic Director Full-Time MBA Program Fox School of Business, Temple University

• Beyond the Law; Moral theories & decision tools
• Your Role as an Employee: Voicing your values
• Your Role as a Manager: Maintaining an ethical environment
• Your Role as Leader: Risks of success

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Using Root Cause to Enhance your Compliance and Ethics Process

Jonathan T. Marks Partner & Leader – Global Fraud & Forensic Investigations and Compliance Practice, Baker Tilly

• Identify root causes (not just causal factors) using proven techniques
• Initiate a root cause analysis incident exercise
• Assess socratic questioning and how it can be used in the root cause analysis process
• Implement three lines of defense as part of the root cause analysis, which will help the audit committee and senior management understand where the breakdowns occurred


Managing Corrective Actions

Kim Quinn, CCEP Compliance Director KenCrest

• An Audit a Day Keeps Operations in Play - Problem Solving vs. Problem Prevention
• Hotlines are Your Baselines - Take that Vacation!
• Aggregation through Investigations - Explore what new technology is out there
• The Sweet Science of Compliance - Measuring Your Culture