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Investigations Update

Jason Merrill Supervisory Special Agent Associate Division Counsel FBI Seattle
Sean Kennedy Special Agent FBI
Marc Milstein Director of Digital Forensics T-Mobile

No Presentation Available

Building Employee Engagement with your Ethics and Compliance Program

Aaron Thiese Director of Ethical Communications and Culture, Microsoft Asel Neutze Attorney Microsoft

• Moving beyond the rules to engage values
• Building relationships that foster innovation
• Engaging a Growth Mindset and harnessing the power of “Yet.”

No Presentation Available

To Privilege or Not to Privilege: A Question of Risk Assessments and Legal Exposure

Katherine L. McDaniel Principal Corporate Counsel, Litigation T-Mobile Nolan M. Goldberg Senior Counsel, IP & Technology Proskauer

• How do privileged risk assessments differ from ordinary-course assessments? What are the advantages and disadvantages to each?
• Structuring and using “dual track” and “dual purpose” assessments to balance business needs with legal risk.
• Surviving scrutiny and maintaining privilege during post-assessment activities.


Developing Compliance KRIs: Using Metrics to Improve Your Compliance Program

Harper Wells Director Compliance Insights & Strategy, True Office Learning

• Explore the why and how behind developing a data driven program
• Develop a KRI scorecard to identify potential blind spots and ease reporting
• Tactics to identify and gain key stakeholder buy-in and establish data collaborations


Ethics, Culture and the Lessons of Theranos

Jeffery Smith Frank Shrontz Chair in Professional Ethics and Professor of Management, Seattle University

• Was the fraud at Theranos unique?
• How is startup culture and venture capital related to the Theranos story?
• What are the lessons for investors and would-be whistleblowers?


The Intersection of Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion

Jill Long Partner Glassman Coaching + Consulting

• Diversity 101: the basic components of corporate diversity and inclusion.
• Exploring the impact of corporate diversity initiatives on the practice of corporate compliance and ethics.
• Opportunities for compliance and ethics practitioners to use diversity and inclusion understanding to improve corporate culture and employee engagement.