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Design Thinking and Compliance

Donna Szymanowski IT Operations Manager Bristol-Myers Squibb

• Compliance is largely misunderstood and maybe even under-appreciated in most companies, but it’s not optional
• Attend this session to discover:

  • What is Design Thinking?
  • How Design Thinking can help you do your job
  • The keys to understanding your ‘customer’
  • Ways to work better together


Internal Investigations and Unconscious Bias

Wendy Evans Senior Corporate Ethics Investigator Lockheed Martin

• It is important that Ethics & Compliance professionals recognize the impact of unconscious bias on investigative process.
• Confirmation Bias; “Like Me” Bias, Priming Bias can impact investigative process
• The investigator is not immune from unconscious bias; it must be recognized to be properly mitigated to ensure fair and objective investigations


Compliance Concerns During a Global Pandemic

James Green Director Risk Advisory Services, SAI Global

• Work from Home and Data Privacy
• Taking Employee Temperatures – A Compliance Nightmare
• Essential vs Non Essential – Complying with conflicting Government Issued Orders


Employee Relations & Crisis Management | Through the Lens of Legal & Compliance

Dawn Siler-Nixon Attorney at Law, Diversity & Inclusion Partner, FordHarrison LLP
Tanja Gromadzki Ethics & Compliance Specialist TechData

• Understanding Employee Relations and Crisis Management with a focus on COVID-19
• Develop a foundation for the legal and compliance “best practices” when faced with crisis management
• Discuss current examples of how companies have responded to COVID-19 from a legal and compliance standpoint.


Data Privacy with 2020 Vision

Diane Del Re Privacy and Compliance Manager Holland & Knight LLP

How to keep up with an evolving privacy landscape

• Keeping up with trends and establishing your baseline
• Understanding your obligations related to data privacy, data protection and incident response Are you working closely with IT? If not, you should be!
• The privacy program needs cybersecurity
• Using tools and automation to ethically engineer your infrastructure
• How technology can monitor and enforce compliance Where’s the data?
• Data identification, asset mapping and governance
• How to create and update an effective asset inventory


Fostering Ethical Leadership

Mary Lippit Founder Enterprise Management Ltd.

• Examine the impact of weak ethical leadership
• Explore four strategies for developing ethical leadership
• Learn six mindsets to overcome resistance