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12:00 PM Central | 1:00 PM Eastern | 11:00 AM Mountain | 10:00 AM Pacific | 9:00 AM Alaska | 8:00 AM Hawaii-Aleutian

Duration: 90 Minutes

Target Audience: Compliance Professionals

Learning Objectives:

  • Briefing the organization's senior leadership is the opportunity you want - all eyes on you to present compliance issues as the expert in the room.  Learn how to own that role with excellent oral and written skills.  Seize the opportunity; do not fear it
  • Rhetoric is a mandatory topic in classical education for a reason.  By knowing what your audience needs to hear, reading their body language, and focusing your presentation on key elements, your point will not only be made, but it will also be remembered
  • The key to presenting your material is knowing what must be said, what can be omitted, and how to manage time, especially when speaking with senior leadership.  Learn tips on how to craft your presentation in a way that works for everyone

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