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MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 2, 2020 --  The news headlines are peppered with compliance breaches across large and small organizations that result in large fines and poor publicity.   To help shine the spotlight on compliance and ethics, Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) & Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) will host the annual Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week, November 1–-7, 2020.    "Our goal is to help organizations large and small call attention to the need to operate in a lawful, ethical manner," said Adam Turteltaub, Chief Engagement and Strategy Officer for SCCE & HCCA.   "By having organizations highlight compliance and ethics at the same time, we create an opportunity for people to see and feel that this is not just something that they are doing where they work; it's a worldwide effort to raise the bar for behavior."

Since 2005, hundreds of organizations have used this week to shine a spotlight on the importance of compliance and ethics by holding annual compliance and ethics trainings, auditing current processes, and introducing new policies. The core principles of the week are aware, recognition, and reinforcement.

Awareness: Get employees thinking about compliance and ethics in your organization by planning activities throughout the week. Need ideas? Visit our webpage to see how others celebrate. 

Recognition: Launch a new training program, host live training sessions, or recognize others for compliance success. We have several great promotional products available for purchase.  

Reinforcement: Demonstrate that all levels of the organization support a culture of compliance and ethics.  

"These themes help encourage employee engagement," said Turteltaub.   "We are hoping to encourage people from the CEO on down to stop; think about what they are doing; and make lawful, ethical decisions."

Boost your compliance culture through a week of activities that emphasizes awareness, recognition, and reinforcement. SCCE & HCCA have designed several complimentary resources to engage and reward your employees during the week-long celebration. 

For free resources and products to raise awareness in your organization, visit our websites.