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Your go-to ESG and compliance resource guide

March 10, 2022

These days the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) movement is front and center for organizations of all types and sizes, and it requires the involvement of the compliance team to be properly addressed. Once considered a public relations function, ESG initiatives have become so common practice that external stakeholders now hold organizations to a stricter set of expectations. ESG mismanagement can come with very serious consequences.

Whether you work alongside an ESG department, or your compliance team handles ESG practices itself, applying the compliance framework to ESG can help prevent and mitigate possible risks. Collaboration is a must! But what does this mean for you? How do you navigate these functions and what do they mean for you and your compliance and ethics program?

SCCE  has created a dedicated ESG and compliance resource page to help you learn more about the topic, manage your ESG goals and metrics, and better understand the responsibility of compliance when addressing ESG concerns. This resource page gives you access to a selection of first-class articles and publications, as well as a list of available webinars, links to government resources, and news on upcoming educational conferences.

SCCE’s ESG and Compliance Conferences provide information on the relationship between compliance and ESG—and what that means for your compliance team and organization as a whole. Attend an upcoming conference to get the support you need to protect your organization from unnecessary risk.

ESG and Compliance Conference • Virtual
April 26, 2022 CDT - Purchase session recordings
December 1, 2022 CST – Register now 

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