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Building An Ethical Culture: Why It's Vital, How It's Done

Learn how to transform your workplace culture.

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About This Product

Building An Ethical Culture: Why It's Vital, How It's Done
Edited by Art Weiss, JD, CCEP-F, CCEP-I
Building an Ethical Culture is the book for compliance and ethics professionals who want to understand what fuels unethical behavior in the workplace and how to build a culture that prevents it.
This step-by-step guide shows you how to embrace shared core values to create lasting change. You'll learn:
  • What it means to have an ethical culture and why it's critical to your organization's survival;
  • How to build a solid foundation for a compliance and ethics program that thrives;
  • How to inspire, support, and reward ethical behavior;
  • Strategies andtactics to strengthen and reinforce values-based behavior and a commitment to integrity over time.
By the end of Building an Ethical Culture, you'llunderstand how cultures drive human behavior, how to lead the charge towards ethical conduct, and how to put this knowledge into action to create a workplace culture that not only feels right but does right every day.