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Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week: November 6 – 12, 2016 

Celebrate Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week the first full week of November in 2016. To better align the timing of Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week with the implementation of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines (Nov. 1, 2004), it will now be held during the first full week in November every year. Don’t worry! The date is the only thing changing. Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week will still serve to highlight the importance of ethics and compliance in every workplace. 


cup and pen


Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week



SCCE offers several ways for you to plan for Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week and engage your organization during the week itself. Check out these resources for inspiration.


Give reminders to everyone in the office with our Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week products. Select and order posters and small giveaways to highlight the week. 


Download the Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week logo to use on your organization's intranet or in your employee newsletter. No attribution to SCCE is required. 
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View a list of companies who are celebrating Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week this year. You can also add your company to the list. 

Connect with SCCE!

  Share pictures of your events on Twitter with #2016CCEW, or on our Facebook page.

  Share your ideas to be posted on our Pinterest page. Email ideas to Stephanie Gallagher to be posted.

Write a post for The Compliance & Ethics Blog about your celebration. Submit your post to Stephanie Gallagher.