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Conference Agenda | Overall Survey

ESG Risks: The Achilles Heel of Your Supply Chain

Speakers: Ian Moolman, Pieter Vos

  • What are ESG risks? 
  • Why are supply chains a source of ESG risks? 
  • How can companies manage ESG risks in their supply chains? 


Eyes on the Horizon: Embedding ESG into Your Fraud Risk Framework

Speaker: Andra-Aurora Horwat

  • Increase your understanding of ESG and what is really new for your business, including keeping pace with regulatory requirements 
  • How to incorporate ESG related fraud risks in your wider fraud risk assessment
  • Greenwashing: navigating a new fraud risk?


ESG, Compliance, and ERM: Bridging the Gaps

Speakers: Nakis Urfi, Ximena Restrepo

  • Learn ways to eliminate barriers to foster a cohesive ESG, Compliance, and ERM strategy among your leaders
  • Hear examples on how ESG activities tie into ERM and Compliance domains 
  • Understand strategic ways on aligning your ESG, and Compliance, ERM programs with reporting to stakeholders


Global ESG Regulatory Overview

Speakers: Abbey Raish, Ariel Giumarelli, Rhys Davies

  • Emerging global ESG regulatory trends, focusing on developments related to human rights and climate change (proposed SEC Climate Rule, EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and proposed Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, California Climate Disclosure and FAR rules, and ISSB Standards)
  • Potential impacts and compliance challenges for companies in light of these trends
  • Best practices for companies to prepare, including as it relates to voluntary and required disclosures, frameworks, compliance, due diligence, and greenwashing


Working Together Toward a Common Goal

Speaker: Elizabeth Simon

  • ESG is a cross-departmental and complex program.  Who should you involve?
  • How to bring departments together successfully
  • Progressing from committee to program


Leveraging Skills You Already Have to Create an Effective ESG Strategy

Speakers: Debra Sabatini Hennelly, Gwendolyn Lee Hassan

  • How to collaborate across functions to develop a holistic approach to ESG risks and opportunities
  • Committing to a continual improvement process to address a range of stakeholder concerns
  • Avoiding the risk of incongruence between external commitments and internal operations and culture