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Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Candidates must earn and submit 20 CCB CEUs in order to apply to sit for a CCB examination and 40 CCB CEUs every two years for certification renewal. CCB CEUs are awarded on a 50 min hour and must:

  • Include at least 50% earned from “live” training events, which include face-to-face training events or real-time web conferences.
  • Within the correct time frame
    • Be earned within the 12 month period preceding the date of the exam for applicants
    • Be earned within your certification renewal period if certified.

CCB subject areas

Content submitted for CCB CEUs must meet at least one of the 10 subject areas identified by CCB as relevant to compliance certification. Those subject areas include:

  • Application of management practices for the compliance professional
  • Application of personal and business ethics in compliance
  • Written compliance policies and procedures
  • Designation of compliance officers and committees
  • Compliance training and education
  • Communication and reporting mechanisms in compliance
  • Enforcement of compliance standards and discipline
  • Auditing and monitoring for compliance
  • Response to compliance violations and corrective actions 
  • HIPAA privacy

**NOTE: CCB does NOT accept Internal job duty related Compliance Training or General Software training as compliance related **