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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Membership with SCCE or HCCA is not necessary to attain, maintain, or renew a basic certification.

SCCE or HCCA membership dues do not include the cost of becoming certified or renewing a certification.

SCCE or HCCA membership and certification are two separate renewal processes certification fees are paid prior to the initial certification and every two years for certification renewal. See page 18 of the Candidate Handbook for examination and renewal fees.

The cost of attending an SCCE or HCCA event does not apply toward the cost of initial certification or certification renewal. Certification costs are in addition to the event fees, even when you are planning to take the optional certification examination at the end of the event, such as at an Academy or national conference.

You can take your examination at select SCCE or HCCA event, opt to take a Computer Based Test (CBT) at a local PSI testing center or via the Remote Online Proctor option. Find more information about your testing options how to schedule these examinations in a way that best meets your needs.

The cost to apply for and take the examination is $275 for SCCE or HCCA members and $375 for non-members. The cost to renew a certification is $115 for SCCE or HCCA members and $225 for non-members.

CCB offers two similar compliance and ethics programs:

  • Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP)®
  • Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional– International (CCEP-I)®

CCEP certification is geared toward compliance and ethics laws in the United States and is primarily for individuals who work within the U.S. CCEP-I certification focuses on international compliance and ethics laws and is primarily for individuals who work outside the U.S. or those who have international affiliates. CCB recommends certification in both programs if you have a work presence in the United States and internationally.

No, there are no exceptions to the continuing education requirements. All candidates and certification holders must fulfill the CEU requirements.

CCB accreditation is based on the content of the activity. The content must be relevant to compliance by meeting at least one of the 10 major subject areas set forth by the CCB.

CCB accepts relevant CEUs from any organization or event sponsor as long as the education is compliance related. You are not required to attend SCCE or HCCA trainings or events to accrue CCB CEUs. SCCE or HCCA trainings or events provide an avenue to accrue CCB CEUs.

The list of CCB CEU values on page 4 of the Candidate Handbook is a guideline for you to use in helping to determine your annual training needs for certification or renewal. However, actual values of submitted CEUs may be adjusted once CCB certification staff has reviewed your application. If you have a specific question, contact CCB certification staff for guidance.

How to Earn CEUs

It is any activity that has been pre-approved by CCB to offer CCB CEUs to participants. The event’s sponsor submitted the content to CCB prior to the event for CCB CEU consideration, and the CCB certification staff determined that CCB CEUs should be awarded for the activity.

Activities may include conferences, workshops, web conferences, and presentations.

At the end of the event, the event sponsor will distribute a certificate of attendance to all participants. The certificate lists the number of CCB CEUs earned for that activity.

Submit My CCB Pre Approved CEUs

You still can submit CEUs for activities and events that were not pre-approved for CCB CEUs but are, at least in part, relevant to compliance.

After the event, submit an Individual Accreditation Application online.

To receive CEUs for speaking, instructing, or facilitating at an event, or for publishing an article, you must submit an Individual Accreditation Application and a copy of your presentation or article. Please allow four to six weeks for review.

SCCE and HCCA regularly apply to outside organizations for pre-approval of continuing education for its events. In addition to being CCB pre-approved, SCCE and HCCA events are often pre-approved for Continuing Legal Education and NASBA/CPE credits. Continuing education details are listed in the event brochure and on the “Certification” tab of the event page on the SCCE and HCCA website. 

For purposes of continuing education, the term “live” training is any training that is being conducted by the speaker with attendee participation in real-time. Examples of “live” training include a face-to-face conference, real-time audio, or web conference.

You can view and easily track your CEUs online after you login to your account.

No. The CEUs that you accumulate in order to qualify for the examination do not carry forward toward the 40 CEUs needed for renewal.

You will need to accrue 40 CEUs within the two-year renewal period in order to maintain your certification. 

No. CEUs earned in excess of the requirement are not carried into the next renewal cycle. CEUs submitted for renewal must be earned within your current two-year renewal period.

The examination is largely based on compliance work experience; an official study guide is not available for this examination. 

CEU credits should be submitted to CCB as soon as possible, preferably within 30 days of the activity. 

Submit my CEUs

Certification holders automatically receive a one month grace period. If additional time is needed beyond the grace period, you may request up to an additional two-month extension for an additional fee.

Request extension

CCB is an independent body made up of compliance and ethics professionals who determine what obligations you need to fulfill prior to and after certification. This body understands the importance of impartiality, managing conflict of interest and ensuring the objectivity of its certification and accreditation activities. Accordingly it makes decisions relating to certification, including the granting, maintaining, recertifying, expanding and reducing the scope of the certification, and suspending or withdrawing the certification.