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“I left the Academy with confidence, conviction, and clarity about what needed to be done to make our program more robust.” - Michael Miller, CCEP, Executive Director for Ethics and Compliance, Aerojet

“Attending the SCCE Basic Compliance and Ethics Academy entirely replaced uncertainty about my new role with confidence and excitement to make a difference in my organization.” - Greg Dugas, CRISTA Ministries, Contracts Manager & Corporate Compliance Officer

“I attended the SCCE Compliance and Ethics Academy because a co-worker had attended in a prior year and she was impressed by the course and the value of the Certification. I enjoyed the course, reference material, and instructors but felt the most benefit was achieved by being able to connect with representatives from so many different organizations. Working through scenarios provided an opportunity to not only discuss what other companies were already doing but provided exposure to the 'ethical thinking' to which I think we all strive to achieve.” - Pamela J. Friedman, Ethics & Compliance Program Manager, UL LLC

“Attending the SCCE Basic Compliance and Ethics Academy was a great experience. It prepared me for the CCEP exam and gave me the opportunity to network with other compliance professionals that I’m still keeping in touch with.” - Donna Melton, CCEP, Compliance Manager, NA Pharma Supply Chain Logistics

“Other Ethics Managers told me the SCCE Academy was industry best. SCCE certainly lived up to its reputation of first-class training. The Academy was phenomenal!” - Sherida Feazell, Manager, Ethics and Compliance, Night Vision and Tactical Communications Systems

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The Basic Compliance and Ethics Academy is a three-and-a-half-day intensive program focusing on subject areas at the heart of the compliance practice. The Academy addresses methods for implementing and managing compliance programs based on the Seven Element Approach. Courses are designed for participants who have a basic knowledge of compliance concepts and some professional experience in a compliance function. The Academy covers specific subject matter in depth and is a great preparation course for the optional CCEP exam  or CCEP-I exam when attending one of our academies outside of the United States. (The course provides you with sufficient credits required to sit for the exam, but credits are just one aspect of applying for certification. Please visit to download a copy of the Candidate Handbook for complete information.)

Course materials are provided and include SCCE’s The Complete Compliance and Ethics Manual in digital/e-book format and SCCE’s training video for board members, Guidance for Engaging Your Board when attending an Academy within the US. When attending one of our International Academies (outside of the United States), you will receive a copy of International Compliance 101 instead of the training video for board members.

An integral feature of the SCCE Academy is the ability to meet industry peers. During the course of the Academy, SCCE will provide a networking event that will give participants the opportunity to meet with each other in an informal environment.

Academies typically sell out several weeks, if not months, in advance. Consequently, we encourage prospective attendees to enroll as early as possible.

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