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Call for Speakers: Ethics & Compliance Web Conferences/Webinars

The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics offers compliance professionals from a variety of backgrounds opportunities to share their expertise and gain industry recognition by presenting a topic in a 90-minute web conference. Former webinar topics include: billing and coding, compliance, audits and monitoring, risk management, ethics, HIPAA privacy, and compliance program management.

No Sales Pitches Please. Direct promotions of products, services, or monetary self-interest are not appropriate education sessions. SCCE members are clear in their displeasure with sessions that appear to be sales presentations or promotions. Session attendees, press, and/or staff may be commenting on/quoting the content of your presentation, which may appear in print, online, or any other form of media.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Liz Ray at or 952.405.7905.

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