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Print Publications

May 2017 cover of compliance and ethics professional

Compliance & Ethics Professional 

Compliance & Ethics Professional is our premier monthly publication. With articles written by your fellow compliance professionals, the magazine is filled with topics from applying a compliance program to improving training, from Stark Law to privacy law, from the U.S. to China. Compliance & Ethics Professional offers a worldwide perspective on the issues in compliance today. It is also one of the benefits of an SCCE membership.

Free with Membership ($295)  

View the May 2016 issue

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May-Jube 2017 cover of ethikos publication

ethikos publication

ethikos has been a leading voice in business ethics since 1987. In this bi-monthly publications, your peers contribute stories discussing ethics in relation to current events and hot topics. There are also case studies, stories discussing best practices, and stories to improve your understanding about issues in business ethics.

Annual Subscription (6 issues) $135
SCCE & HCCA Member Rate ($10 Discount) $125

Sample: View the May - June 2016 issue

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Corporate Compliance Weekly News (CCWN)

Knowing what is going on in the world is essential for a compliance professional's job. CCWN is a weekly news-based e-newsletter that keeps you updated on the biggest news stories related to compliance, providing plenty of examples to use in your employee training program or to show your CEO or Board of Directors to create buy-in. 

Price: Free 

Sample: See past issues of CCWN

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ethikos e-Newsletter

In each weekly addition of ethikos e-Newsletter, we find ethics related stories, videos, and infographics to share, all collected in one newsletter. Some common topics include mistakes you may be making as a leader, how to encourage an ethical culture in the workplace, and what underlying causes may lead lead your employees to participate in unethical behavior.

Price: Free 

Sample: See past issues of the ethikos e-Newsletter

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Y-Comply is a quarterly newsletter dedicated to helping you communicate the importance of compliance to your workforce. Written by compliance professional Deann Baker, Y-Comply covers everything from writing your policies and procedures to disseminating the message to the people you work with. What's more, it is encouraged to share this publication with you organization, no attribution necessary.

Price: Free

Sample: See past issues of Y-Comply

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