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ethikos logo

ethikos publication

Founded in 1987, ethikos is a bi-monthly publication that examines ethical issues in business. From its inception, ethikos has examined changes in corporate ethics from the viewpoint of those involved: compliance officers, ethics officers, ombudspersons, practicing professionals in law, audit, management, and government. We report on both the good and bad in the business ethics and compliance realm.

On January 1, 2014 ethikos was reinvigorated when the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) became its new publisher. The SCCE is a non-profit association of 6,000+ compliance and ethics professionals from more than 80+ countries.

SCCE is already deeply involved with the ethics and compliance community and publishes Compliance & Ethics Professional, a member magazine, and Corporate Compliance Weekly News, a free email newsletter.

If you have questions or comments about ethikos, please contact editor Liz Hergert via email or through her direct line: 952-405-7905.


 Annual Subscription (6 issues)  $135
 SCCE & HCCA Member Rate ($10 Discount)  $125
 Ethikos weekly eNewsletter  FREE


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What Others Have to Say About ethikos

“While attending a Conference Board-sponsored ethics and compliance officer seminar last October, the question was asked: what do people in the ethics and compliance fields read? The overwhelming response was Ethikos....”
Dr. James Weber, Professor of Business Ethics and Management, Duquesne University