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ethikos -Demonstrating the value of business ethics

About ethikos 

For over thirty years, ethikos has examined ethical issues in business and the changing trends. This monthly newsletter features articles by ethics and compliance professionals, case studies, and interviews with leaders who are shaping today’s corporate ethical cultures. All facets of corporate ethics are explored, including: Artificial intelligence, anti-sexual harassment policies, ESG concerns, transparency trends, and data protection.



 Annual Subscription (12 issues)  $135
 SCCE & HCCA Member Rate ($10 Discount)  $125
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Submit an Article

Interested in contributing to ethikos? Learn more about the article guidelines and copyright information. You can find the Copyright Transfer Form here. Contact Margaret Martyr at or 952-405-7905 for more information.


Please contact editor Margaret Martyr at or 952-405-7905.

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What Others Have to Say About ethikos

“While attending a Conference Board-sponsored ethics and compliance officer seminar last October, the question was asked: what do people in the ethics and compliance fields read? The overwhelming response was Ethikos....”
Dr. James Weber, Professor of Business Ethics and Management, Duquesne University