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SCCE Compliance 101, Third Edition

A quick and easy guide to effective compliance practices

SCCE Compliance 101, Third Edition offers a concise overview of compliance programs, how they operate, and the compliance officer’s role. Written by authors Debbie Troklus and Sheryl Vacca, it contains insight into best practices for building or maintaining an effective compliance program and is ideal for new practitioners, board members, or staff education.

Get guidance and insight on:

  • Benefits and administration of a compliance program
  • Government guidance and laws
  • Risk assessment, monitoring, and auditing
  • Measuring program effectiveness

The updated SCCE Compliance 101, Third Edition provides insights and tips on running an effective compliance program and includes new chapters, sample policies, forms, and further resources to explore.

About the authors

Authors Debbie Troklus and Sheryl Vacca are experienced in compliance and risk management for both corporate and healthcare organizations. Troklus and Vacca also sit on SCCE & HCCA’s Board of Directors and serve as key faculty members at our Academies.

*If purchasing via credit card, online access is available immediately after payment is processed.