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The Accidental Compliance Professional

The Accidental compliance Professional cover image


What does 23 years in the compliance and ethics industry teach you? In The Accidental Compliance Professional: Lessons Learned from 23 Years in the Industry, author Roy J. Snell tells his personal and compliance war stories, and how they can help any compliance professional succeed. In an entertaining yet practical way, you’ll learn about:

  • How the Health Care Compliance Association and the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics formed
  • The emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills needed to succeed
  • The tools needed to fully attack and fix a compliance problem
  • Why being delightfully honest and independent are critical to compliance
  • Many more lessons that you can use in your career!


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Softcover Book

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“Roy Snell has hit the nail on the head. His anecdotes and wisdom will inspire you to improve yourself and your organization.”

-Haydee Olinger, former Global Chief Compliance Officer, McDonald’s Corporation 

“Roy Snell is the first to apply spiritual growth tips to the complexities of the compliance profession, making his book a practical guide to becoming both a happy and successful compliance and ethics professional.”

-Bojan Bajić, CEO of Net Consulting, Ltd.

“Roy may have become a compliance professional by accident, but he also became one of the profession’s founding fathers. This account provides insight and direction for compliance professionals today.”

-Jay Jorgensen, former Global Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer of Walmart