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2022 Compliance, Ethics, and Organizational Culture Conference

Fostering a culture of ethics and compliance is critical for long-term success and reducing the risk of expensive, distracting failures.  But how do you build and keep the right culture for your organization?  This meeting will examine the challenges and provide solutions for the most pressing cultural issues.

Potential Topic Areas:

  • Ethics
  • Whistleblowing safely
  • Defining what a culture of compliance is
  • Tone at the top and cascading it down
  • Understanding differences between cultures around the world
  • Preserving culture in a remote working world
  • Assessing culture
  • Affecting culture change
  • Culture during a crisis
  • Microcultures inside organizations
  • The role of diversity in culture
  • Culture during a merger or acquisition/Integrating cultures
  • Communicating culture


Submissions can be from individual speakers or multiple speakers.

Submission Dates:
Submissions will be accepted between
March 15 – April 15, 2022.  Late submissions and applications not submitted online will not be considered

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Submission Requirements

  • Session Title
  • Presenters and co-presenters: names, titles, organizations, and emails (no more than three presenters per session)
  • Biography of each presenter (no longer than 1 page each)
  • Three brief bullet points explaining what attendees will learn from your session (each bullet limited to 100 characters)

Additional Information 

  • SCCE seeks a variety of single-speaker and multiple-speaker sessions (not to exceed 3 speakers per session). When submitting a multiple-speaker session proposal, we value diverse perspectives among the co-presenters (e.g. from different employers, blend of internal compliance professionals and outside advisors, etc.).
  • All sessions are 60 minutes

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