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Successfully Navigating the Changing Landscape for Ambassador Programs

Toni-Lynne Langeveld, Senior Advisor, Ethics & Compliance, Southern California Edison
Tobias Heine, Chief Integrity Officer, Volkswagen AG

  • Embracing the range of approaches from ethics to compliance to both
  • Defining and evolving the approach for your organization
  • Building an understanding of the program’s vision


Recruiting and Training Your Ambassadors: It’s All About the People

Ruth Steinholtz, Values Based Business Ethics Advisor and Co-Author IBE GPG on Ethics Ambassadors, AretéWork LLP
Jennifer Selliers, Director, Senior Consultant, Renaissance Regulatory Services

  • Recruiting the right people
  • Formalizing the network to reflect your organization’s culture
  • Ensuring your Ambassadors have the skills and resources they need to be effective


Metrics and assessing your program’s effectiveness

Renu Jha, Ex-Regional Compliance Head- APAC, CBRE
Duncan Milne, Associate General Counsel, Global Benefits Group

  • Creating appropriate metrics that accurately provide insight into program effectiveness
  • Keeping management informed to ensure ongoing support
  • Identifying ways to improve the program


Optimizing the Structure of Your Program to Maximize Effectiveness

Matt Silverman, Global Trade Director & Senior Counsel, VIAVI Solutions
Julia Bailey, Chief Compliance Counsel, SVP, Global Ethics & Compliance, Maximus Inc

  • Securing commitment from ambassadors and management
  • Developing an organizational infrastructure
  • Setting and managing program expectations


Inspiring, Sustaining and Expanding the Network in the Medium and Long Term – Building in Continuous Improvement

Cristina Potter, Vice President, Chief Ethics and Privacy Officer, SAIC
Rebekah Coleman, Group Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
Daniel Lopez, Ethics Advisor, Northrop Grumman Inc.

  • The role of technology in connecting the network
  • Ongoing training and communications, including in-person training if/when it is possible
  • Enabling Ambassadors to respond to employee questions and concerns


Communicating With the Wider Workforce

Duncan Milne, Associate General Counsel, Global Benefits Group
Lisa Fine, Senior Counsel and Director, Compliance, Pearson

  • Helping employees understand the role of the Ambassadors
  • Building trust with the workforce
  • Establishing working relationships with management and the workforce