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Presentations and any additional handouts must be submitted to SCCE by due date given.

Please email your presentation and handouts (in a non-PDF format) to the conference planner.

  • SCCE requires a PowerPoint presentation (or similar format) with the exception of a panel discussion. SCCE encourages supplemental handout material for your presentation in addition to the PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint presentations must be set up as 16:9 (aspect ratio of the screen). If you're unsure, please review the following tutorial on how to adjust your presentation screen size. Presentations and any additional handout material will be made available (in PDF format) prior to the conference via the website. The handouts are promoted to attendees but will be publicly accessible.
  • There will be no special handling of handouts including handout passwords or signed agreements related to the handouts of any kind. The process and distribution of handouts will be consistent for all speakers
  • SCCE will distribute PowerPoint presentation handouts two and three slides per page. Please do not place a large amount of information on one slide, because it will be very difficult to read.
  • Be sure your presentation and handouts are free of promotional material (including, but not limited to price and product listings, surveys, and vehicles for collecting participant information). No selling or commercial promotions allowed.
  • Number all PowerPoint slides and handout pages on the lower right hand corner.
  • Presentations will be pre-loaded onto a laptop provided by SCCE onsite at the conference.
  • SCCE strongly recommends that PowerPoint presentations contain no more than 30 slides per hour.
  • Please be certain your handouts follow your presentation and clearly represent its content.