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Handout - 2018 - Regional - Minneapolis - March 2



Data privacy compliance, GDPR and much more

  • Overview of the global data privacy frameworks
  • Compliance with GDPR is essential
  • How to implement an effective privacy compliance program

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)

Robert J. Bond, Partner & Notary Public, Bristows LLP

Angie Chesney-Mattison, Regulatory Compliance Counsel, Tennant Company


Ethics & Leader Presence

  • Dr. Brendel will cover how successful organizations are cultivating ethical and prosperous organizational cultures.
  • Principled Leadership: Rising above self-interests to improve the welfare and prosperity of the organization, its stakeholders, and the broader community.
  • Organizational Citizenship: Improving the moral climate of an organization by inspiring employees to do the right thing, even when it is not recognized or formally rewarded.
  • Meaningful Work: Developing a clear line of sight between one’s authentic sense of purpose and care with work that supports the organization’s mission.

No presentation available

Bill Brendel, President & CEO, Center for Ethical Business Cultures


Building Culture through Communication and Engagement

  • It’s critical to effectively communicate and engage your entire workforce as culture champions. This session will focus on practical, proven concepts by highlighting innovative and interactive training and communication examples you can adapt to your organization.
  • We’ve used a range of communication channels, including blogs, articles, targeted emails, roadshows and Ethics Awareness events.
  • Thrivent has utilized ethics perception surveys since 2008 to validate these actions have helped maintain and strengthen its strong ethical culture. Adapting ideas is always easier than creating from scratch, so join us to get some new tools for your toolbox.

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)


Keturah Pestel, Manager, Business Ethics Office, Thrivent Financial

Navigating the Information Age: Protecting your information and maintaining security awareness

  • Implementing both strong and workable information security measures (sophisticated password protection, encryption, & training to counteract social engineering attacks)
  • Learning from previous mistakes (Theft through Phishing scams, Business Email Compromises, & other schemes designed to defraud the unsuspecting)
  • Building a culture of information security awareness

No presentation available

Mark Lanterman, Chief Technology Officer, Computer Forensic Services

Kyle Loven, National Director, Computer Forensic Services


Entering New Markets – Compliance Considerations

  • Global and Domestic Strategies
  • Risk Assessment and Integration
  • Culture Challenges

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)

Tim Trujillo, Chief Compliance Officer and Deputy General Counsel, Optum

Eric Brotten, Director, International Compliance Programs, Optum

Tracy W. Ciavarella, CHC, Vice President, Compliance, Growth, International & Consumer Solution Group, Legal, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, Optum


Supply Chain Compliance

Key compliance and ethical considerations. This presentation will take a global look at the processing of data and information.

  • Corporate strategies for identifying and minimizing supply chain compliance risk
  • Substantive areas of risk (corruption, trade sanctions, child and forced labor, trade agreements, conflict minerals, etc.)
  • Supply chain enforcement trends

Presentation (2 slides/page)
Presentation (3 slides/page)

Dulce Foster, Shareholder, Fredrikson & Byron P.A.

Jeff Johnson, Senior Lawyer, Global Ethics & Compliance Office, Cargill, Inc.