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You are here : Membership  >  About SCCE Membership


Membership Types & Rates
Group, individual, and student memberships in Society of Corporate Compliance Association (SCCE) provide extensive educational benefits and access to a strong compliance community. See below for rates and links to membership applications.

$325.00 annually, per-person. Every member of the Compliance profession will benefit from our member magazine and discounts for conference and products.

Individual Application




$150.00 annually. To qualify you must be a full-time or part-time student AND unemployed.

Student Application

Group Membership

$275.00 annually, per-person. An organization with four or more members enjoys savings on individual memberships.

Group Application




Benefits to Members
  • Compliance & Ethics Professional
    A monthly magazine, available both in print and as an app, providing valuable information for compliance professionals. Your name and employer’s name will be published on the "New Members" page in the magazine to showcase your commitment to the profession.
  • Corporate Compliance Weekly News
    A weekly e-newsletter providing the latest news in corporate compliance and ethics.
  • SCCE's Website
    Updated daily. Provides the latest information on compliance news, SCCE conferences, and resources.
  • Compliance Library
    Available on SCCE’s website. Provides members with access to a number of compliance resource documents.
  • SCCE Conferences
    Discounts on all SCCE conferences, academies, and web conferences throughout the year.
  • SCCE Products
    Discounts on all SCCE products and training videos.
  • SCCEnet
    The official social network of SCCE. Get your questions answered and share your insight with over 10,000 compliance and ethics professionals.