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Celebrate Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week

Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week: November 3-9, 2019

Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week offers a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on the importance of compliance and ethics at your organization. By having a designated week, you and your compliance staff can build awareness in ways that reinforce not just specific rules and regulations, but an overall culture of compliance. Using the “hook” of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week, you can emphasize your overall message in several different ways.

With a week-long celebration of compliance and ethics, you have a great opportunity to introduce and reinforce your chosen themes. Your plans will rely in part on your organization’s specific needs, but some basic goals may include:

  • Awareness – of the Code of Conduct, relevant laws/regulations, hotlines and other reporting methods, the organization’s compliance and ethics staff, etc.
  • Recognition – of training completion, compliance and ethics successes, etc.
  • Reinforcement – of the culture of compliance for which the organization strives.



SCCE offers several ways for you to plan for Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week and engage your organization during the week itself. Check out these resources for inspiration.

cup and pen


Give reminders to everyone in the office with our Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week products. Select and order posters and small giveaways to highlight the week. 

Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week Logo


Download the Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week logo to use on your organization's intranet or in your employee newsletter. No attribution to SCCE is required. 
Logo: PNG | PDF | High Resolution
 Crowd celebrating graphic


View a list of companies who are celebrating Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week this year. You can also add your company to the list. 

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