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Compliance Risk Assessments: An Introduction

How effective is your compliance risk assessment process?

Regularly conducting a comprehensive risk assessment is recognized as one of the key elements of an effective compliance and ethics program and the foundation upon which a strong program is built.

Compliance Risk Assessments: An Introduction by Judith W. Spain walks you through the compliance risk assessment process step-by-step to set you on the path to success.

You'll learn how to:
  • Define your organization’s compliance risk universe and identify your specific compliance risks.
  • Assess and prioritize your organization’s specific risk factors by determining the likelihood and impact of occurrences.
  • Learn to develop a compliance risk assessment survey that is unique to your business with a sample template.
  • Address the risks you have compiled from your survey results by transforming them into numerical scores and generating a risk universe matrix to develop your unique risk mitigation plan.

To learn more about this book, Judith Spain reviews the changing importance of the concept of risk and risk management and how it has moved from an insurance-based approach for mitigating damage after an event to a more proactive one designed to prevent the problem in the first place. Check it out on Compliance  Perspectives Podcast with Adam Turteltaub

Judy Spain on Risk Assessment

  About the author

Judith W. Spain, JD, CCEP author of Compliance Risk Assessments: An Introduction has established compliance risk assessment initiatives at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) and Manhattanville College. She is a tenured professor in the EKU School of Business, a licensed attorney, and the founder of Higher Education Compliance Consulting.

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