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Data Driven Compliance Programs: How to Identify, Analyze and Use Data to Increase the Effectiveness of your Compliance Program

Beth Davis Assistant General Counsel Asurion
Tom Firestone Partner Baker & McKenzie
Philip Winterburn Chief Strategy Officer Convercent

• How companies can use data about their compliance programs
• What data is most relevant and how to track such data
• How to use the data to create and monitor KPIs/metrics

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Some Realism about Risk Assessments

Scott Killingsworth Attorney at Law

• Critical planning points: objectives, scope, resources, reporting
• Pitfalls, trade-offs and blind spots
• Methods, tools, and information sources
• Follow-up, corrective action and remediation


Third Party Best Practices

Kelly Geer Senior Counsel FedEx Corporation

• Key coverage areas in a third party compliance program
• Navigating internal and external buy-in for a third party program


Making Your Program Resilient: Defining your Program’s Strategic Mission and Vision for Success

Emily Miner E&C Advisory Leader LRN Corporation

• The importance of having a codified program charter
• Enlisting key stakeholders - from boards of directors to employees - in defining your mission and vision
• How to use this mission and vision as a north star in executing your program strategy


Building a Privacy Program

Jonathan Skrmetti Chief Deputy Attorney General Office of Tennessee Attorney General
Albert Chin Senior Counsel FedEx Corporation

• Privacy Notice and Policy: Easy Wins
• Data: Knowing What Personal Data You Have And What To Do With It
• Vendor Contracts: Who Has Your Personal Data?
• Breach Procedure: Do You Have A Plan?


Ethics: Why People Do what they Do

Jonathan E. Turner Vice President, Ethics & Compliance Smith & Nephew

• Compliance is not about driving behavior it is about shaping behavior
• Understanding underlying motivations is the key to successfully shaping them
• This fast paced session will provide actionable tools to impact culture and results