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Unconscious Bias, Cognitive Errors, and the Compliance Professional

Michael Johnson, JD CEO Clear Law Institute, LLC

• Unconscious bias towards social groups, including how to assess bias using the Implicit Association Test
• Cognitive errors, including affinity bias, confirmation bias, expectancy effects, investigator bias, lie bias, priming, trustworthiness bias, and Dangerous Decisions Theory
• Strategies for compliance professionals to avoid and reduce the impact of unconscious bias and cognitive errors in their work


Building a Compliance Champion Network

Karl Schneider Manager, Retail & Wholesale Service Center, Altria Group Distribution Co
Gaye Montgomery Founder Montgomery Compliance Law PLLC

• This session will discuss the value of a compliance champion network for building a culture of responsibility
• A compliance champion network can be key in helping to drive tone at the middle
• We will review the history of a highly successful compliance champion network that has been in existence for 11 years


#MeToo in the Workplace: Creation, Compliance, Countermeasures

Betsy Davis Attorney LeClairRyan
Debbie Allan Human Resources Director Virginia529

• Creation – Learn the history of the movement
• Compliance – Understand an employer’s obligation to prevent illegal harassment
• Countermeasure – Develop strategies for effective investigations


Cybersecurity for the Board

Michael Watson Chief Information Security Officer Virginia Information Technologies Agency

• Ransomware, data breaches, denial of service, zero days the cyber threats go on and on! How is a board of directors and other organization leaders supposed to know if they are prepared for these threats?
• Turning cyber security attacks and threat data into useful risk based data that board members can understand is a critical part of information security
• This session will discuss the types of information the board needs to know about, will probably ask about, and how to use that information for decision making

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Discovering Risk Hiding Spots

Neha Gupta Chief Executive Officer True Office Learning

• Uncovering risks can often feel like staring at a page from a Where’s Waldo? book…a sea of potential candidates, but the actual character can be hard to spot (often by design)…but it doesn’t have to be like this.
• We will work through how you can create a Risk Scorecard that will give you the tools necessary to move from “Hindsight Compliance” to “Predictive Compliance”.
• The session will be a journey in analyzing data commonly available to you within your organization to identify where your risks are hiding, where those risks are heading, and how to monitor and remediate them on an ongoing basis.

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Expanding the Aperture of Insider Threat

Brian Kolo, PhD, JD Digital Expert McKinsey & Company
Beth Miller Chief Risk Coach Mattuc

• Reactive methods identify issues but don’t address the root cause of insider risk
• Successful insider risk programs use a wide range of teams and talent across the enterprise
• Respecting employee privacy is a key driver