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Challenges in the Area of Business Compliance in Montenegro

Milena Žižić Compliance Manager Lovćen insurance member of Triglav Group

• Role and importance of business compliance
• Challenges and protection in the field of corruption
• Preventive action through the functionality of the internal control system


Compliance Issues through Developing Software for Facial, Age and Gender Recognition

Zlatan Omerspahic Data Protection and Compliance Lawyer NSoft

• Brief introduction about software
• Privacy issues regarding GDPR and other privacy law
• Overview about compliance standards which company must have when developing software for face, age and gender recognition ( internal policies, security measures etc.


INTEGRITY IN THE SPOTLIGHT - If We Know Where We Are Then We Know How Far We Can Take Employees To Do the Right Things Before They Enter Unknown Territory

Silvija Vig CEO CODUPO

• How raising integrity awareness improve compliance?
• Understanding values, moral judgment and ethical decision-making.
• Why do individuals make unethical decisions despite knowing they are unethical?


Level Playing Field for Business: Anti-Corruption Monitoring of Public Institutions in the Western Balkans

Martina Hrvolova Program Officer for Europe, Center for International Private Enterprise

• The Balkan investment climate remains largely characterized by the weak rule of law. State interference in the economy persists. Tangible results in the fight against corruption are needed for a business environment to enable sustainable growth.
• Although anti-corruption efforts in the Western Balkans have been significant, the evaluation of their effectiveness, however, focuses on the macro level. Engaging clients such as businesses or citizens in evaluation on the level of an individual public institution allows policymakers to review countries’ anticorruption frameworks better.
• The session will introduce this new approach to leveling playing field in commerce through inclusive anticorruption monitoring of procurement, state aid, and tax administrations of selected countries in the region.

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Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation

Ivan Pranjic Compliance Officer Raiffeisen Bank BiH

• How to manage fraud related risks
• Fraud prevention techniques and proactive fraud detection
• How to conduct effective fraud investigation


Corruption Prevention Challenges in Private Enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Loris Gutic Board of Directors Member and Corporate Security Professional, Transparency International in Bosnia and Herzegovina

• Current state of affairs in corruption prevention in private sector
• Impact of systemic public sector corruption, lack of ethics and mob mentality
• Necessity of mandate expansion for key anti-corruption field stakeholders