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Research-Based Methods for Questioning Witnesses and Assessing Credibility in Workplace Investigations

Michael W. Johnson CEO, Clear Law Institute

• How to utilize the “Cognitive Interview,” which is the most widely researched interviewing technique in the world
• How many common beliefs about spotting deception are incorrect
• How to apply research-based methods for detecting signs of deception and truthfulness


Ethics and Compliance Leadership—Strategies for Effectiveness

Debra Sabatini Hennelly Founder & President Resiliti

• Cross-functional coordination and leading without direct reporting relationships
• Being a strategic partner to the business
• Embedding your program in operations and culture
• Wearing two hats: General counsel and chief compliance officer



Rising Sanctions Compliance Expectations for Non-Banks

Gail Fuller Vice President Financial Integrity Network

• Understanding the U.S. government’s expectations for a sanctions compliance program
• Assessing the current administration’s enforcement posture for sanctions violations
• Avoiding common sanctions compliance pitfalls


Getting Real about Artificial Intelligence for Due Diligence: What Works and What Doesn’t

Aaron Narva Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Markets, Exiger
Sandra Leon Vice President, Cognitive Computing Exiger

• The limits of using AI and automation in due diligence
• What people are good at and why AI will never replace them in due diligence
• Maximizing your research team using AI


Creating Great Compliance Training in a Digital World

Kirsten Liston Founder & Principal Rethink Compliance
Rachel Batykefer Senior Director, Global Compliance Teva Pharmaceuticals

• Reach and persuade your workforce through outstanding training.
• Focus on the needs and attitudes of a 21st-century audience.
• Train yourself and your staff to think like a lawyer, talk like a human.


Compliance, Ethics, and Irrational People (All of us)

Adam Turteltaub Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and International Programs, SCCE/HCCA

• How we think (and don’t)
• How much people cheat when given the opportunity
• The gap between how ethical people are vs. how ethical they think they are