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Learning Objectives

 Pressure for companies to use AI to gain a competitive advantage (or at least not fall behind versus competitors) is steadily rising, and in 2024, CEOs will push their Legal, Compliance, Privacy, and IT Teams to deploy AI applications now, not later.
While AI promises tremendous innovation and productivity gains, the emerging compliance challenges and risks can feel overwhelming: Seemingly every week, new AI regulations are announced, the copyright and IP issues are only beginning to be addressed by the courts, and companies need to ensure they are using new AI technology both ethically and correctly.
Saying “we can’t do this” isn’t an option. The solution is to develop an AI Governance Program to help your company navigate the challenge of successfully and compliantly harnessing the power of AI for your organization.
In this session Mark Diamond, CEO of Contoural, the largest independent provider of Strategic Information Governance Consulting services focusing on AI, will discuss real-world, practical approaches and strategies on how companies are creating comprehensive, effective, and “doable” AI Governance programs through a combination of AI policies and processes to address both current and future risks and requirements.