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The Compliance Certification Board (CCB)® welcomes applications for event accreditation from organizations that provide compliance and ethics education and training.

How to get your event approved for CCB CEUs

  1. Confirm your event education submission:
    • Addresses at least one of the 10 subject areas as are relevant to the CCB compliance certification(s) and is geared toward the role of a Compliance Professional.
    • Focus on application of compliance concepts, not the technology utilized in daily operations (example: Microsoft Word, Excel, etc)
    • Highlights and requests credit approval for only the session(s) and/or aspects of a particular course that fall with the CCB subject areas
    • Does not contain confidential or internally company specific, nor is part of ones own required job duties (example: training on internal policies and procedures)
  2. Complete and submit the Event Accreditation Application Form
  3. Allow up to four (4) weeks for CCB to process application.

This event approval applies only to the agenda, content, timing, and dates submitted with your application. If there are any changes to this event, including the addition or cancellation of dates, changes to content, changes to timing, or changes to location, you must notify CCB immediately or the approval may be invalidated. An additional event application and/or fees may be required to process changes or updates.


If your event is approved
Upon accreditation approval, CCB will issue the sponsor a master certificate, which should be given to event participants. Any certificate other than the CCB-issued master certificate may not be accepted as documentation of earned CCB CEUs. Certificates must be issued to an attendee upon their request.

CCB CEUs may be used toward any one of the seven CCB Certifications. If event is approved, all approval documents must be sent to every attendee seeking CCB CEUs. No fees may be charged for those seeking CCB CEUs for their attendance of your approved event. Attendees must have a copy of the official CCB CEU certificate for their records. Only official CCB CEU certificates are valid for reporting earned CCB CEUs and accepted for attendance verification. CCB reserves the right to audit continuing education submissions at any time.  

Sponsors are not required to send certificates to CCB on behalf of the individuals seeking credit. It is the responsibility of the individual receiving CCB CEUs to submit the certificate to CCB for credits. Additionally, it is the candidate’s responsibility to maintain a file of continuing education activities and certificates of attendance. CCB does not retain copies of individual certificates award for continuing education activities.

Cancellations and refunds
All fees paid are non-refundable.

If your event is not approved
If the event is not accredited, a CCB certification specialist will notify the program sponsor. Decisions regarding accreditation may be appealed to the CCB Board of Directors. The board may, at its discretion, uphold the findings of the Continuing Education Committee or render its own findings regarding accreditation and total award, or it may refer the application back to the committee for a second review. Any decision by the board is final.

For Individuals looking to submit external education, log in to your account and select Individual Accreditation Application (from an outside organization). Supporting documentation will be required for review (i.e. timed agenda and certificate of attendance). Review time for the Individual Accreditation application is up to four weeks.