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A list of CEP Magazine articles and their corresponding CEU quizzes are listed below, with direct links to the full text on COSMOS.

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November 2019

Compliance Professionals Need To Be Master Communication| Lisa Beth Lentini Walker and Stef Tschida

Is It A Bona Fide Expenditure Or BribeJacqueline Peterson

Continuous Monitoring Is Required For Effective Data Privacy And Security | Ambler T. Jackson

October 2019

Best Practices For Developing And Executing A Successful Risk Assessment | Stephen Martin and Toby Ralston

Practical Knowledge Management Strategies For Compliance Terms Doug Horner

Reconciling Personal Data Protection And Business Transparency Compliance | Illya Antonenko


Uncovering Performance Incentives That Can Lead To Corporate Fraud | Eric R. Feldman

Hands-on Recall Training: New Ways To Recharge Training Calvin London

Employee Surveys On Sensitive Topics | Gregory Mitchell


Understanding And Measuring Ethical Culture| Guillem Casoliva-Cabana

How Performance Can Lead To Corporate Fraud Eric R. Feldman

Data Visualization 101: Becoming A Data Guru Is Easier Than You Think | Tanja Gromadzki

JULY 2019 

Americans Abroad: Compliance With The U.S. Sanctions Law Facilitation Principle| Brendan LeMoult

Great Expectations: The Shifting Cyber-Regulatory Landscape| Gopal K. Padinjaruveetil and Cris Mattoon

Implementing ISO 37001 Alongside A Fully Implemented Compliance Program| Segev Shani

JUNE 2019 

Personal Data Processing in Brazil: A New Scenario to Come| Carla do Couto Hellu Battilana and Shin Jae Kim

A Terribly Unfortunate Turn Of Events| Mariette Cutler

Entering The Lion's Den:Should In-House Counsel Meet With Government Investigators?| Robert M. Lindquist and Daniel I. Prywes

MAY 2019 

Compliance Investigations, Step By Step| Gail Gibson

Bring Them On: Working Effectively During Investigations| Monica Ramirez Chanel

Three Avenues of Multiparty investigations| Bailey Naples

APRIL 2019 

The CCO's Blind Spot: When Team Members Go OnlineJohn Klassen

Have You Thought About Psychological Safety In Your Workplace | Matt Pasternack

Forging An Ethical Corporate Culture: Bring Compliance and Legal to the Table| Bart M. Schwartz

MARCH 2019 

Preparing for and Surviving the New ICE AgeMelissa A. Dials

Workplace Sexual Harassment During the #MeToo And Time's Up Movements | Katherine A. Garbarino 

Best Practices When Responding to Hotline Reports | Jeffrey M. Klink 



Cyberattacks in a global supply chain: How compliance officers can mitigate risk Matan Or-El

So different and so alike: Internal audit and compliance | Mónica Ramírez Chimal

Training as the centerpiece of risk mitigation | Solomon Carter



Pro basketball to adopt compliance programs: A case study David D. Dodge

Anticorruption on the Emerald Isle | Eric Brotten

How to create a compliance and ethics committee | Edye Edens



Writing a code of conduct: A simple method | Alexandre C. Serpa

Bedouin compliance and the ethical supply chain | Lori Baker

Using electronic communications surveillance to strengthen compliance programs | John Jacobs


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