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CEP Articles and Quizzes

As an exclusive member benefit, CEP Magazine is published monthly by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE). In addition to the magazine, SCCE members have access to COSMOS, where members can read, print and download recent articles, search past issues, as well as preview a growing collection of (subscriber-only) compliance books and newsletters.

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A list of CEP Magazine articles and their corresponding CEU quizzes are listed below, with direct links to the full text on COSMOS.

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October 2021


Telemarketing, texts, and the TCPA: An update on corporate liability | Michael Barry

Essential components of employee compliance feedback programs | Calvin London

Do you account for the ‘uncontrollable’ costs of government enforcement? | Doyle Mullis


September 2021

Rethink Compliance Management: Take an Informed Approach to Mitigating Risk | karima mariama-Arthur and Christopher Mayer

Making the Shift to Principles-Based Compliance Programs | Tosin Umukoro

Accommodations, Culture, and Compliance: Considerations for your COVID-19 Vaccination Policy | Matthew W. Burr


August 2021

Dismantling the Silos: Integrating Risk Assessment Activities Across Stakeholders | Terrence S. Brody and Rachel Woloszynski

Advancing Beyond Legislation to Tackle Modern Slavery | Robin Singh

Implement Information Governance to Successfully Manage Ungoverned Data | Dean Gonsowski


July 2021 

Does your compliance program support both corporate agility and stability? | Melanie Brown

The IT privacy compliance officer is your key ally | Ralph Villanueva

Scrutinizing third parties: A matter of compliance and reputation | Robert Smith


June 2021

Leveraging Branding Concepts to Drive an Effective Compliance Program | Adam Balfour

Check your Bias: When Implicit Bias Challenges your Investigations | Devon E. Jackson

Are Compliance Violation 'Smoking Guns' Hiding in the Board Minutes? | Teri Quimby


May 2021

Record Management 101, Part 2: Developing your 'RIM' Program | Jacki Cheslow

How Compliance Can Be Tech Leaders in "Industry 4.0" | Kudzai Chaka

Considerations and Challenges in Developing Compliance Training | Matt Silverman


April 2021

Record management 101, Part 1: Consider these principles | Jacki Cheslow

Increased regulatory scrutiny calls for rigorous data governance | Bobby Balachandran

Hosting effective compliance trainings in a virtual classroom | Patricia Marinho and Emanuel Batista


March 2021

I've got a quick question!: Using apps to communicate policies | Pamela S. Hrubey

Adapting internal investigations for COVID-19 and beyond  | David Carns

Steer clear of US consumer data privacy law misconduct | Itzhak Assaraf


February 2021

Observe others-not just yourself-to be an effective leader | Kara Benedict

Engage with business leaders to mitigate pandemic-induced security risk | Ralph Villanueva

COVID-19 and global ABAC risk: Considerations for compliance programs | Gene Cahill and Kristin Nado


January 2021

Your organization has received a data access request. What now? | Patrick O'Kane

Balancing effective compliance policies against the ubiquity of ephemeral messaging | Daniel Polatsek

Is your company's job applicant-tracking system making compliant inquiries? MaryEllen O'Neill


December 2020

Collaboratively building effective third-party risk management processes | Veronica Pickens

Upgrade your employee survey for more accurate results | Troy McAlister

Using organizational alliances to meet compliance objectives | Tosin Umukoro


November 2020

'Championing' your compliance program | Eric Brotten

Compliance and governance in high-tech and agile delivery environments | Bailey Naples

Who's responsible here? Getting it right when misconduct allegations arise | Matt Silverman


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