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A list of CEP Magazine articles and their corresponding CEU quizzes are listed below, with direct links to the full text on COSMOS.

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June 2024

How to address the technical skills gap compliance will face due to AI | Stuart Strome

Are you an ostrich? For CMMC, you'd best be a roadrunner | Janet Himmelreich

Making an impact, compliance-style | Margarita Derelanko


May 2024

The EU AI Act: A comprehensive guide for organizations | Ahmed Salim, Adrian Taylor, and Nakis Urfi

What's all the fuss about CMMC? | Janet Himmelreich

Bribery risk management: Walk the talk | Eleftherios Tsintzas


April 2024

Redefining privacy in a digital world | Camille Howard

Compliance on campus: Applying DOJ’s corporate compliance guidance in an academic environment | Terance Gonsalves, Rachael A. Honig, Deborah Solmor, and Melissa Wheatcroft

Unveiling the wave of transparent legislation: A global effort to combat crime | Hassan Chaudry


March 2024

Navigating through uncertainty: The imperative role of third-party risk management | Wes Loeffler

Determining what and when to audit | Renu Jha

AML tactics are failing: Here’s how we turn it around | Nick Parfitt


February 2024

Demystifying the role of the monitor | Anushka Ram, Arnaud Collombet, and Johanna Epe

Navigating the intersection of data privacy laws and the rise of AI | John Brushwood

How implicit bias affects hiring and team decision-making | Michael Bret Hood


January 2024

The digital frontier: Mitigating risk in the face of AI and emerging cyber threats | Hilary Wandall

The lingering risk: Retaliation | Selina Barth

Leveraging compliance monitoring programs for successful ISO audits | Audrey Milesi


December 2023

Who should own records management? Part 2 | Mark Diamond

Establishing serious AI compliance in an unclear regulatory environment | Katherine B. Forrest

Training: The good, the bad, and the ugly | Calvin London


November 2023

Who should own records management? Part 1 | Mark Diamond

Reporting challenges for remote and hybrid workers | Iveta Wentink, Lori Tansey Martens, and Jason Lunday

From vision to implementation: Harnessing ESG best practices for stronger compliance in LATAM | Emanuel Batista, Patricia Marinho, and Chris DeSa


October 2023

AI and board reporting: A new land for compliance and ethics? | Ilona Niemi

From policy to practice: The European Union Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive | George Porter

What to do about business-related text and WhatsApp messages | Kurt Gottschall, Timothy Newman, and Payton Roberts


September 2023

Fostering a speak-up culture: A practical primer | Andrea Falcione

UFLPA: Overview of compliance challenges, best practices | Evelyn Suarez and Thad McBride

Is the introduction of new legislation enough to crack the world’s fraud problem? | Andrew Gordon


August 2023

Understanding the nuances of federal grants | Ken Dieffenbach

European Union perspective on artificial intelligence/ChatGPT and how it relates to compliance | Patrick Wellens

FCPA update: Recent enforcement, DOJ clawback program | Thad McBride and Lindsey Fetzer


July 2023

Great expectations: Certification of ethics and compliance program effectiveness | Jonny Frank and Kat Nolan

Where to start: Risk management 101 | Joe Pugh and Stephanie Kandel

New DOJ guidance on executive compensation, compliance programs, and monitor selection | John Davis and Ann Sultan


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