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CEP Articles and Quizzes

A list of CEP magazine articles and their corresponding CEU quizzes are listed below. CEP is published monthly by the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE).

To gain CEUs for your CCB certification, read the articles and take the corresponding CEU quiz. Quizzes are considered non-live CEUs. Individuals can only have 10 non-live CEUs count toward a CCB certification, and 20 non-live CEUs for certification renewal.

Individuals must first login to their free, password-protected account in order to take the quizzes online. 

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MARCH 2019 

The CCO's Blind Spot: When Team Members Go Online John Klassen

Workplace Sexual Harassment During the #MeToo And Time's Up Movements | Katherine A. Garbarino 

Best Practices When Responding to Hotline Reports | Jeffrey M. Klink 



Cyberattacks in a global supply chain: How compliance officers can mitigate risk Matan Or-El

So different and so alike: Internal audit and compliance | Mónica Ramírez Chimal

Training as the centerpiece of risk mitigation | Solomon Carter



Pro basketball to adopt compliance programs: A case study David D. Dodge

Anticorruption on the Emerald Isle | Eric Brotten

How to create a compliance and ethics committee | Edye Edens



Writing a code of conduct: A simple method | Alexandre C. Serpa

Bedouin compliance and the ethical supply chain | Lori Baker

Using electronic communications surveillance to strengthen compliance programs | John Jacobs



Unpacking New York anti-sexual harassment training needs | Jennifer Farthing

Is it time for a more modern records retention schedule? | Mark Diamond

Modern slavery and the private sector: Sequencing of efforts | Matt Friedman



Third-party due diligence: Compliance management applied to supply chains Flávia Melo

Five steps to manage data integrity risks Michael Yachnik

Do you know how to audit a third party in the supply chain? | Mónica Ramírez Chimal



Ethics and algorithms: Mitigating bias in deep machine learning | Cris Mattoon 

A practical approach to UK tax and payment reporting regulations | Eric Brotten  

Five takeaways from the 2018 proxy season | Marc Butler



Anti-bribery/compliance pitfalls at the U.S. state level Don McCorquodale and Susan Carr 

ISO 37001 Certification: Understanding and navigating the process | Maurice L. Crescenzi, Jr.

Five ways to reduce the likelihood of a third-party breach | Dov Goldman


JULY 2018

Strengthening Workplace Dignity with AntiRetaliation Monitoring and Reporting Julia Tate and Dan Lopez

Cosmetic compliance and the anti-money laundering debacle Ibrahim Yeku

More Carrots, Fewer Sticks: DOJ’s Revised FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy | Teri Cotton Santos


JUNE 2018

Equality in the workplace: Are women treated the same as men? Julia Méndez

Embracing leadership mistakes to drive cultural transformation | Terry Lawrence

Don’t pay for unnecessary snakes: A case study | Emmi Bane


MAY 2018

Third-party assessments of ethics: A proactive tool to demonstrate due diligence Vincent DiCianni and Eric R. Feldman

What is the role of a Human Resources department? | Ted Banks and Sharon Ray

Ungoverned text messaging exposes your company to significant risk | Mike Pagani


APRIL 2018

Internal compliance investigations: More important than ever Kate Garfinkel and Thad McBride

Improving the ethical culture: A worthwhile investment Scott Dahl


MARCH 2018

Lost in translation: The difficulties of implementing a global compliance program | Ann Straw

Preventing corruption in multinational corporations: A very different game, Part 3 | Duncan McCampbell

The perils of investigative report writing, Part 1 | Daniel Coney


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