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Compliance 101

Debbie Troklus, CHC, CHC-F, CHPC, CCEP, CCEP-I Managing Director Ankura Consulting

• Review the reasons why organizations should implement effective compliance programs.
• Discuss the seven elements of an effective compliance program.
• Discuss the basics of compliance program structure and implementation.


Diversity in Compliance

Silvina Coria Global Head Risk & Compliance OLX Naspers Classifieds
Dalma Parisi Lead Compliance Officer for South America w/o Brazil, Siemens, S.A
Soledad Urri Ethics, Transparency and Risks Officer Trenes Argentinos Infraetructura

• Diversity and compliance: A route to more ethical businesses?
• How prepared are we in Argentina? Sharing experiences from other regions.
• Gender impact in Argentina: Are we really a leading case? The role of compliance on the new business landscape. Women networks.


Managing and Mitigating Compliance Risks in M&As and Joint Ventures

Melina Llodra, CCEP-I Lawyer Llodra Attorneys at Law
Florencia Ortiz Ortiz & Asociados

• How M&As have evolved in terms of compliance? Scope and impact of compliance due diligence.
• Dealing with key high-risk issues and key challenges while conducting compliance DD: How due diligence findings may affect the transaction? How can compliance risks be managed and mitigated?
• Providing a proper pre-and post-closing risk assessment: major compliance issues to consider, implementation of tools, and contractual protections to reduce or eliminate compliance risks (e.g. R&Ws, closing conditions, indemnities, post-sale monitoring).


Compliance, Ethics, and Irrational People (All of Us)

Adam Turteltaub, CCEP, CHC VP of Strategic Initiatives & International Programs, SCCE & HCCA

• We tend to think that people are basically rational, but what if we aren’t?
• This presentation reviews data on how people think and don’t think, especially when it comes to right and wrong
• Provides insights into how to improve human behavior based on how we approach ethical decisions


Using Data Analytics for Compliance 


Designing a compliance data analytics program 
Analytics for compliance monitoring 
Use of analytics in performing investigations


Building an “Adequate” Anti-Corruption Compliance Program in Argentina Following the Implementation of Law 27.401

Debora Dansker Compliance Head, Novartis
Gabriel Cecchini Consultant, Corporate Governance, Ethics & Compliance, Trace International
Guillermo Jorge Partner, Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi

• The elements of an effective “integrity program” and how to tailor to your company’s risk profile, size, and business.
• Developing procedures for third party screening and monitoring and M&A due diligence
• How local compliance requirements compare to international guidelines and standards

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