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What an Art Forger Can Teach Us About Manipulation and Non-Compliance

• Use a real-life story to understand how manipulative people work to undermine our operations
• Understand the strategies and steps taken in corrupt behavior from the perspective of the corrupt individual
• Implications for compliance professionals in connection with training, monitoring, auditing, and investigating noncompliance


Gerry Zack, CEO ,SCCE & HCCA

Privacy: Around the World in 60 Minutes

• As Privacy and Data Protection laws rapidly evolve across the globe, keeping up-to-date on these changes can be challenging. Learn the current status of Privacy laws across the globe with emphasis on Europe, The UK, Brazil, India, and The Philippines.
• Despite regional differences, most countries address the same basic principles through their Data Protection and Privacy laws as are covered by US sector regulations such as HIPAA. Learn to recognize and build programs around these principles to ensure compliance across multiple jurisdictions and smooth transitions for your workforce and businesses.
• Almost one year into GDPR compliance, our team will share some lessons learned in preparing for and complying with this new law, discuss enforcement trends, and share implementation tips for the next round of data privacy regulation across the globe including LGPD in Brazil and possible regulatory changes in India.


Sarah Boswell-Healey, Director, Optum

Donna M. Kasbohm Senior Director, Sr. Associate General Counsel, Optum Privacy

Evolution of a Compliance & Ethics Program

• Structuring for Success
• Maturing the Program
• Developing KRIs and Metrics
• Building Relationships with Influencers


Keri (Barney) Grafing, Sr. Director, Global Compliance & Ethics, Best Buy

Technology Tug-of-War: How Broad Adoption of New Tech Innovations Make the Balance of Compliance, Security, and Privacy a Greater Challenge

Find the balance on competing ropes in the tug of war:
• What your tech teams want to implement and why they are great — or so we think (blockchain, IoT, smart devices, ml, personalization, advanced biometrics, etc.) • What are the risks as we know them today and how to support innovation and keep on the right side of the law and customer sentiment while not stifling the drive to move the business forward
• What does the landscape look like over the new few years — things to keep an eye on


Daniel Ayala, CISO and Privacy Officer, ProQuest

Program Effectiveness: Designing and Planning a Program Assessment

• Why assess program effectiveness? Foundations of effectiveness review
• One size does not fit all: Evaluating the effectiveness of your E&C program’s design and implementation
• Demonstrating program effectiveness, now and in the future


Cally Swanson Vice President, Director of Global Ethics Strategy, Framework, and Reporting, U.S. Bank

Jon Ackman, Vice President, Director of Global Ethics Office Training, Awareness and Policy, U.S. Bank

Jessica A. Tjornehoj, Assistant Vice President and Manager, Global Ethics St

Stronger together: Tackling critical HR, Compliance and Ethics communication Needs at the Speed of Now

In the new era of 24-hour news cycles where HR and Compliance & Ethics matters are routinely taking center stage in American media, it’s important to take a thoughtful and collaborative approach.
• Key touchpoints where HR and your Compliance & Ethics programs should be working together closely
• Setting the stage—using brain science to help achieve a toward state for maximum effectiveness
• How collaboration and consistency improves messaging (including leveraging resources)


Lisa Beth Lentini (moderator) AGC and Chief Compliance Officer Deluxe Corporation

Ayme Zemke SVP, Client Service Beehive Strategic Communication

Susan Eilefson Compliance Advisor Deluxe Corporation

Julie Schissel Loosbrock Senior Vice President, HR Deluxe Corporation