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Rightsizing Compliance Across Asia—Same but Different Andrew Macintosh Partner Control Risks

• How do you implement best practice compliance across markets and disparate and complex as those in Asia?
• We will use case studies and our experience helping clients to identify the similarities, synergies and savings that can be achieved by taking a risk-based approach to compliance.
• This will include an interactive session on risk assessments, building on the traditional focus on internal controls to consider the role of external threat analysis, the role of big data and the broadening scope of compliance


Taming the Terrain: A Value-Added, Risk-Based Compliance Program

Seema Sanghani Regional Compliance Officer – Southeast Asia, Country Compliance Officer – Singapore American International Group, Inc.
Marie Judith McCormack Vice President Center Led Compliance Prudential Financial, Inc.

• The guiding principle for a compliance program is a compliance framework, which includes the organizational and operational structures necessary for program establishment, sustainability, and maturation.
• The framework is designed to provide clarity, transparency, and consistency across an organization. Compliance function visibility is a prerequisite for both relevance and impact, and engagement of both management and employees is key


Third Party Compliance Management

Vinayak Bindal, CCEP-I Sub-Regional Compliance Officer, SouthEast Asia Merck

• Importance and relevance of third party compliance management
• Examples of FCPA non-compliances by third parties in Asia Pacific and sanctions on companies
• How to build an effective third party compliance management program


Compliance, Ethics, and Irrational People (All of Us)

Adam Turteltaub VP of Strategic Initiatives & International Programs, SCCE & HCCA

• We tend to think that people are basically rational, but what if we aren’t?
• This presentation reviews data on how people think and don’t think, especially when it comes to right and wrong
• Provides insights into how to improve human behavior based on how we approach ethical decisions


Investigation—It Doesn’t Take a Crook to Catch Another Crook

Elaine Khoo Experienced Compliance Professional in Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Hospitality

• The very first step: How do you get the most out of the least? What are the links?
• “Know your ally or enemy”—Who’s involved? Who will be the informer? Who’s the defender?
• Showtime! (Interviewing process)—How do you make the interview process stress free and effective? When to use the soft approach? When to use the hard approach? Tips and tricks to assess your interviewee’s body language—Is he lying?


Implementing Effective Periodic Testing For Your Compliance Program

Luis Hui, CCEP-I

• Real-life examples of how periodic testing can become ineffective
• Analysis of contributing factors and solutions to remedy these common pitfalls
• Reaping the benefits from effective periodic testing