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  • 04:15 PM - 04:30 PM
    Networking Break
  • 04:30 PM - 05:30 PM
    General Session: From Crisis to an Electric Future – Inside the Cultural Transformation of One of the Largest Companies in the World. A discussion. Kurt Michels, Chief Compliance Officer, Volkswagen Group
    • Starting a transformation in the aftermath of a crisis
    • Behind the scenes of Volkswagen’s cultural transformation: the strategies that drove the turnaround
    • Using a crisis to implement change: Lessons learned for compliance professionals
  • Wednesday, March 18

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      Post Conference
    • 07:15 AM - 08:15 AM
      Breakout Sessions
      ROOSTER SESSION 3: Moving the Needle on Modern Slavery - Labor in Supply Chains Anny Tubbs, Trustee, Unseen UK Paula Davis, Director, Waypoint GRC
      • It couldn’t happen here... could it? Understanding, identifying and managing modern slavery risk in your business
      • Taking it to the front line - how to engage employees and the extended enterprise in the fight against modern slavery
      • Crisis management - practical steps to take if you uncover slavery in your business
      ROOSTER SESSION 4: Ethics & Compliance in High-Risk Countries, Lessons Learnt Based upon Two Case Studies Andrew Hoffmanns, Ethics & Compliance Manager, Basrah Gas Company
      • Introduction of high-risk countries, expectations of the E & C in high-risk countries and some of the challenges management faces in improving E & C and ABC -
      • Two case studies of E & C program implementations in Kazakhstan and Iraq explaining the successes and difficulties of training, cultural differences, and compliance investigations
      • A summary based on the case studies of lessons learnt, commonalities between the two examples, commons mistakes, challenges, and keys to success
    • 08:15 AM - 08:30 AM
      Networking Break
    • 08:30 AM - 09:45 AM
      Breakout Sessions
      W1: Post-Ethics Investigations. What’s Next? Remediation or Re Occurrence? Alan Dillane , Global Remediation Program Manager, Dell
      • Companies from every sector are experiencing ethical misconduct, but often they are just firefighting and a vicious circle ensues and similar misconduct repeats itself.
      • Remediation is the key to stop recurrence. What is remediation?
      • Dell’s Global Remediation Program Manager will talk about their journey and overall strategy in developing remediation as a key compliance program
      • From case handover with the case investigator to root cause analysis to partnering with the business in driving change and the neuroscience behind this to strengthening controls, awareness and tone at the top resulting in downward trends in similar cases
      W2: Doing Business in Africa: A Boom and Changing Risk Landscape Lola Adekanye, Program Officer for Africa, Center for International Private Enterprise - Nigeria Office Anna Kompanek, Director, Global Programs, CIPE
      • Whether it is large-scale Kenyan agricultural producers or Ethiopian apparel manufacturers, Africa is an increasingly attractive place to source goods bound for European markets but remains inherently risky in terms of compliance
      • This session, featuring speakers based in Washington, DC, and Nigeria, offers a view from the frontlines on how companies and compliance professionals are striking a balance between opportunity and risk on the Continent
      • From experience working on compliance issues in 16 African markets, the presenters will discuss how to find trusted local companies that meet due diligence requirements, and how to strengthen their compliance capacity and reduce risk profile
      W3: My Brother’s Keeper: Mitigating Risk through Business Partner Compliance Program Tool Kits Matthew Werner, VP, Global Chief Compliance Officer, Bio-Rad Laboratories
      • Surveying the risk environment: Determining which business partners are creating risk for your company and why
      • Effective implementation: Creating right-sized compliance program tool kits that your business partners will find attractive and effective
      • Measuring success: Assessing tool-by-tool effectiveness and evolving your kit to stay ahead of risk
    • 09:45 AM - 10:00 AM
      Networking Break
    • 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
      Breakout Sessions
      W4: How to Survive a Monitor - Tips from Around the World Matthew Paice, Group Compliance Officer, Inchcape Shipping Services Eric Feldman, Senior VP and Managing Director, Corporate Ethics and Compliance Programs, Affiliated Monitors Inc. Maria Lancri, Attorney, Partner, Squair
      • Identify the different monitoring regimes in place or planned in the US, World Bank, France, UK, and other countries
      • Discuss the “value-added” that monitors can bring to the table
      • Identify how pro-active approaches and E & C changes can help companies avoid the imposition of a monitor when settling government cases
      W5: Sanctions Compliance in CIS During Turbulent Times Tatiana Barysheva, Head of Legal & Compliance Russia & CIS, LeGrand Mathieu Fabre-Magnan, Head of Russian Corporate / M&A practice, Dentons Alexander Khaki, Executive Director, CSI Group LLC
      • Sanctions vs business needs. What to look at during third party integrity due diligence in Russia?
      • Sectoral and blocking sanctions: What needs to be considered when making a new deal with local business partners
      • Dos and Don’ts for western companies: True story from business representative
      W6: Compliance Learning Excellence: How Are Multi-Nationals Succeeding in Creating Effective, World-Class Compliance Training Programs